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For today’s focus : the Great Alan Moore --- a comics writer even Time magazine paid homage to. I’m relinquishing the blog to him today. There's more than something about Alan Moore, so today you are going to take a back seat and enjoy my look at one of the most popularly and critically acclaimed writers in the comic book business. Why not join me, eh?(baca dengan loghat Brit yang sangat pekat)

Alan Moore is the greatest comics writer in the world. That’s not me being nice about him, that’s undeniable, scientifically provable fact. Who is he, though and what has he written? And is he any good, really?

Nope. Today I will not even going to touch his masterpieces. By now, ramai orang dah tau dah pasal Watchmen, V for Vendetta, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen dan banyak lagi sentuhan magis mamat ni. Hari ni aku nak citer strictly pasal dia SAHAJA dan pengaruh dia pada AKU.

So, everybody's saying he is a mad genius. Now, IS HE?

Here's my theorem :

Alan Moore is perturbed by humanity's loss of vision, and implores us to dream again, lest we be trapped forever in ever-decreasing circles of superficiality. Often, from almost all the closing chapters of his books(walaupun aku tak baca semuanya sebab ada yang susah nak dapat atau mahal giler kat Kino), it is clear Moore believes we have lost our way somewhere along the line in the name of popular science. But Moore is not anti-scientific per se; as he shrewdly points out, even scientists of this century have not discounted the theories of subjective realities. It is humanity's blind faith and newfound passivity which endangers us.

What Moore intends to do in the future remains to be seen but I can be certain that it will be good, it will be innovative and it will make my world a better place. There will be more performances(teringin jugak nak tengok dia buat magic sebab lepas dia retire katanya nak jadi magician) and more comics and he has plans for a series of his magic books.

The last word on Alan Moore though, I’ll leave to his younger daughter, Amber who says :

"He is not, as you can gather, a man of half measures. He can re-orientate the target demographic of a whole industry because he wants to. If magic is the imposition of his will on the world around us, then this is magic in its most pure form."


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