What the?!

Probably no interesting things going on today - well maybe except one thing, Wednesday is usually 'Comic Book Pick-Up Day' for me. Maybe that's a bit interesting.

People claimed me of being a jackass for cropping things from the worldwideweb.

In my defense, one of the advantages and disadvantages of the internet is that if something interesting gets discovered or linked to, it can go wider than anyone ever expected and the next thing you know thousands of people who never knew that your site existed are stomping around, staring at interesting things on it, or downloading your writng or story or song or your video, or whatever. And raging at people who point out that something's interesting and link to it isn't going to stop that happening again. Probably the best solution is never to post interesting things and to stop other people doing it.

Or maybe this is just me being faintly emotional towards 'people'.


letak le credit,habis cite.

bluekkk. :P
thesandman berkata…
takmo aaa...

tak best, nanti nampak tak terer.