Khamis, Ogos 17, 2006


I am SO predictable.

Here's the trouble of seeing old images in your head: it's easier to see the things that are wrong with it. Looking back on it now and if I had just slowed down, I don't think I would have made uncountable amateurish mistakes. I mean, with a little more planning and a closer inspection of this images we called memories... I would have avoided the silly one all together. Because it's the little things that makes you REALLY stupid, you know?


Case in point: me taking things for granted. Again, this one is a classic mistake I always make in life. I didn't think I'd jack it up this badly over the years. Like I said before, it's probably because I just needed a second to slow down and rilex now.

Anyway, I adjusted 'that' thing in and put it up for comparison - the 'before' image has already over-lapped the 'after' image. I don' t know if it's that much better, but for my peace of mind I think it is. I've told someone, I owe him/her another promise next time we saw each other and hopefully I'll be mindful of and avoid the mistakes I made the ones before.

Bah! Annoying.


Cik Puan Muda Stress berkata...

about time you treat me better.
you gay you.

thesandman berkata... out who ya' calling gay,you!

Take it easy,aite?

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