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Cameron Crowe

Release Date:
December 13, 1996

* * *

One of my all time favourite.

The film that had an impact on me. Tom Cruise gives his best performance to date as a sports agent who suddenly discovers his scruples and promptly loses his job. But with the help of one loyal colleague and one outrageous client, Jerry Maguire learns that loving well is the best revenge. A sweetheart of a romantic comedy co-starring Cuba Gooding, Jr., Renee Zellweger, Regina King and Bonnie Hunt.

Tom Cruise is JERRY MAGUIRE. Poor Jerry. His life is full of problems. As he puts it, he is "great at friendship, bad at intimacy. That's my theme song." But it gets worse. One night, he says, "I had two pieces of bad pizza, went to bed and grew a conscience." After that, he writes a twenty-five page mission statement for the large sports management company for which he works. In it, he proposes "fewer clients, less money." This does not endear him to management.

...and everything starts from there.

Tom Cruise is a highly talented star with sex appeal and a large group of fans. I do not think he has ever given a boring performance although too many of them have bordered on the superficial. His manic characters have all the hyper-kinetic activity associated with sugar overload. His favorite role of mine remains his teenager with the raging hormones in RISKY BUSINESS but I have enjoyed his other work from RAIN MAN to MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE. Only in INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE did I not like his acting. I am even one of the few people who liked him in FAR AND AWAY.

So how is Cruise's performance in this film? He skims over the surface without ever touching the water. His creates a character that is enjoyable to watch, one worth 'caring' about. His acting in the picture is interesting and as involving as it should be. Overall JERRY MAGUIRE is an enjoyable film and memorable one.


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