Comic Book Review

Eternals #1-#2 (Marvel)
By Master Neil Gaiman

What do you get when modern creator of the stature of Neil Gaiman tackle a concept so closely associated with comics grand-master Jack Kirby? The answer: a stunning new look that is at once fresh and intriguing while at the same time shows deep respect for the source material.

By switching between a confused young medical intern, who may be one of the race of Eternals but doesn't know it and the page-spanning grandeur of the millennia-old Eternals backstory, the book seamlessly combines genuinely empathetic characters and stunning high concept while maintaining a good solid read.

Excellent storytelling, with just enough mystery to make you come back for the next issue, make this a series that was well worth the wait. Just a shame about the messy John Romita jr. interior work and Rick Berry cover image which does nothing to attract the casual reader.

p/s : Aku tak sabor nak tunggu compilation Absolute Sandman next Oktober... EIYAHOOO!