Rabu, Ogos 30, 2006


*NEW comic compilation+collection.
Available in newsstand and bookstore near you.

Karya: Shaari Sulong(AIE)
Full color
Al-Ameen Publications
PART 1 of 5
" Permulaan Sebuah Akhiran "
80 pages
Perfect Binding Format(UV coated cover) + embossed masthead title.
ISBN 983-2334-88-8
HARGA : RM 12.90
Karya: Azhar Ahmad(Tembakau)
Terbitan: PTS Millenia Sdn. Bhd.
ISBN 983-3603-97-1
104 mukasurat
HARGA: RM 14.00

p/s : it's good to have our own Comic Book Tradepaperback once in a while eh?!

Isnin, Ogos 28, 2006


Berapakah nilai blog anda sebagai aset dan urusniaga untuk anda laburkan suatu masa nanti?

Ini harga terkini untuk blog sandmanreborn.blogspot berdasarkan prestasi semasa :
USD$ 4,516.32
p/s : Ayuh kita tingkatkan rekod dan performance blog kita sehingga ke puncak tertinggi... Berapakah harga blog anda?

Isnin, Ogos 21, 2006

Sapa nak tengok wayang ... FREE!

Tarikh Tayangan :
30 Ogos 2006(malam merdeka)
Masa Tayangan :
1 jam 30 minit
Tempat Tayangan :
TGV One Utama, Bandar Utama
Masa Tayangan :
9.00 malam
Klasifikasi Tayangan :
U - sesuai untuk semua lapisan masyarakat
Para Pelakon :
Shawn Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Kerry Washington
Pengarah :
Keenen Ivory Wayans
Genre :
Lawak nigga'/negro
Sinopsis : Tengok la... baru tau!
So, bagi sesapa yang berminat tu terus jer contact aku.
Ingat : first come, first serve basis. Apa lagi... FREE oii! FREEE!!!

Khamis, Ogos 17, 2006


I am SO predictable.

Here's the trouble of seeing old images in your head: it's easier to see the things that are wrong with it. Looking back on it now and if I had just slowed down, I don't think I would have made uncountable amateurish mistakes. I mean, with a little more planning and a closer inspection of this images we called memories... I would have avoided the silly one all together. Because it's the little things that makes you REALLY stupid, you know?


Case in point: me taking things for granted. Again, this one is a classic mistake I always make in life. I didn't think I'd jack it up this badly over the years. Like I said before, it's probably because I just needed a second to slow down and rilex now.

Anyway, I adjusted 'that' thing in and put it up for comparison - the 'before' image has already over-lapped the 'after' image. I don' t know if it's that much better, but for my peace of mind I think it is. I've told someone, I owe him/her another promise next time we saw each other and hopefully I'll be mindful of and avoid the mistakes I made the ones before.

Bah! Annoying.

Rabu, Ogos 16, 2006



For today’s focus : the Great Alan Moore --- a comics writer even Time magazine paid homage to. I’m relinquishing the blog to him today. There's more than something about Alan Moore, so today you are going to take a back seat and enjoy my look at one of the most popularly and critically acclaimed writers in the comic book business. Why not join me, eh?(baca dengan loghat Brit yang sangat pekat)

Alan Moore is the greatest comics writer in the world. That’s not me being nice about him, that’s undeniable, scientifically provable fact. Who is he, though and what has he written? And is he any good, really?

Nope. Today I will not even going to touch his masterpieces. By now, ramai orang dah tau dah pasal Watchmen, V for Vendetta, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen dan banyak lagi sentuhan magis mamat ni. Hari ni aku nak citer strictly pasal dia SAHAJA dan pengaruh dia pada AKU.

So, everybody's saying he is a mad genius. Now, IS HE?

Here's my theorem :

Alan Moore is perturbed by humanity's loss of vision, and implores us to dream again, lest we be trapped forever in ever-decreasing circles of superficiality. Often, from almost all the closing chapters of his books(walaupun aku tak baca semuanya sebab ada yang susah nak dapat atau mahal giler kat Kino), it is clear Moore believes we have lost our way somewhere along the line in the name of popular science. But Moore is not anti-scientific per se; as he shrewdly points out, even scientists of this century have not discounted the theories of subjective realities. It is humanity's blind faith and newfound passivity which endangers us.

What Moore intends to do in the future remains to be seen but I can be certain that it will be good, it will be innovative and it will make my world a better place. There will be more performances(teringin jugak nak tengok dia buat magic sebab lepas dia retire katanya nak jadi magician) and more comics and he has plans for a series of his magic books.

The last word on Alan Moore though, I’ll leave to his younger daughter, Amber who says :

"He is not, as you can gather, a man of half measures. He can re-orientate the target demographic of a whole industry because he wants to. If magic is the imposition of his will on the world around us, then this is magic in its most pure form."

Selasa, Ogos 15, 2006


People I Like to See when taking a walk on an OFF-DAY :

1. Couples arguing over silly-supid things.

2. People fighting over small matter over at THE departmental store, restaurants,etc...

3. The LOVELY Marion Caunter! She is one HOT BURNING chick I tell ya!!!

Jumaat, Ogos 11, 2006


( friday flicks : yang mana aku membuat ulasan berbentuk preview atau review tentang filem-filem yang aku suka dan yang aku ingat serta memberi kesan dalam hidup aku dulu, kini dan selamanya )



Cameron Crowe

Release Date:
December 13, 1996

* * *

One of my all time favourite.

The film that had an impact on me. Tom Cruise gives his best performance to date as a sports agent who suddenly discovers his scruples and promptly loses his job. But with the help of one loyal colleague and one outrageous client, Jerry Maguire learns that loving well is the best revenge. A sweetheart of a romantic comedy co-starring Cuba Gooding, Jr., Renee Zellweger, Regina King and Bonnie Hunt.

Tom Cruise is JERRY MAGUIRE. Poor Jerry. His life is full of problems. As he puts it, he is "great at friendship, bad at intimacy. That's my theme song." But it gets worse. One night, he says, "I had two pieces of bad pizza, went to bed and grew a conscience." After that, he writes a twenty-five page mission statement for the large sports management company for which he works. In it, he proposes "fewer clients, less money." This does not endear him to management.

...and everything starts from there.

Tom Cruise is a highly talented star with sex appeal and a large group of fans. I do not think he has ever given a boring performance although too many of them have bordered on the superficial. His manic characters have all the hyper-kinetic activity associated with sugar overload. His favorite role of mine remains his teenager with the raging hormones in RISKY BUSINESS but I have enjoyed his other work from RAIN MAN to MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE. Only in INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE did I not like his acting. I am even one of the few people who liked him in FAR AND AWAY.

So how is Cruise's performance in this film? He skims over the surface without ever touching the water. His creates a character that is enjoyable to watch, one worth 'caring' about. His acting in the picture is interesting and as involving as it should be. Overall JERRY MAGUIRE is an enjoyable film and memorable one.

Khamis, Ogos 10, 2006


( thursday tales : yang mana aku bercerita tentang cerita-cerita yang jatuh dalam mana-mana genre; fiksyen ataupun tidak, peribadi atau sosial tapi masih lagi punya jiwa dan nyawa sebuah cerita )


First, you have nothing to say. You start out just because you want to tell stories. Maybe you want to write them or maybe you just want to keep them. Maybe, just like my case, you want to do both. Either way, you start from scratch.

Notebooks are filled with sribbles, characters you're so eager to create, to write and show the world. Most of them are written only once, without any story behind them. They were made because you start out making everything you want to make at the same time.

We all start out of control. Control is not a very artistic thing, one may think when picture him or herself as a writer-to-be.

You then realize that you have started more stories than you'll ever be able to finish in about one week(for example), so you probably give them all up and start from scratch once more on new stories you think you'll be able to finish. Eventually, you finish your first story.

And it sucks.

I don't care if my first story did suck, I did it from beginning to end and I was proud of it. You should be, too. But, if it really did suck, I had to do better the next time. And so should you.

That's what I did. I hope.

Many stories later, you'll find yourself in the middle of the road. And that's when you realize you're not waiting for it to happen anymore. It's already happening. Wait no more. You're waiting thing to begin, maybe you're waiting things to end but you're never waiting things to continue. They continue if you continue. You have to carry on on your own, for yourself or it will all be over.

The middle of the road is the place where you'll find yourself a writer. You can either be the writer you became or you can be someone else. Those are the paths but you have to follow those paths and not wait for them to follow you.

Life follow the ones who walk, not the ones who keep still.

Rabu, Ogos 09, 2006


( wonderful wednesday: yang mana ianya adalah isi-isi tentang perihal obsesi dan ketaksuban terhadap sesuatu yang jatuh pada kategori 'favourite' )


Ya. Mamat ni adalah sorang mamat yang punya karektor yang aku suka. Dia petah bercakap dan berbicara, buka sahaja soal masak-memasak tapi banyak perkara lain yang tentang skill-skill hidup seorang 'bujang'(walaupun dia sudahpun berkahwin dengan sorang supermodel) dan kemahiran PR yang impressive. Kalau nak cerita pasal x-factor, this bloke has it!

Program The Naked Chief, Jamie's Kitchen dan Oliver's Twist semuanya aku follow(dan praktikkan mana yang mampu). Tengah tunggu Jamie's School Dinners dengan Jamie's Great Escape, entah bila nak ada kat TV biasa - katanya kat Astro dah tunjuk dah. Biarpun Jamie pernah menghidapi dyslexia masa kat sekolah dulu tapi tu tak jadi hal. Dia learn life the hard way. Itu aku kagum.

So, bagik sesapa yang belum pernah tengok citer mamat ni atau tak kenal langsung saper Jamie Oliver... try to watch the show,mate. Brilliant I'm telling you... brilliant!

Selasa, Ogos 08, 2006


( top three tuesday: yang mana aku menyenaraikan perkara-perkara, benda-benda, tentang-tentang, isu-isu, topik-topik dan agenda-agenda mengenai dunia yang berlaku disekeliling; berunsur peribadi dan sosial serta yang aku suka dan tidak suka)

Things I Normally Do When I'm Done with Datelines :

1. Surf the internet like there's no tomorrow and download stuff.

2. Roam around the office and bug people until they got annoyed.

3. Write things that are non-related to work.

(come next dateline - all of the above is not applicable at all)

Isnin, Ogos 07, 2006


( momento monday: Yang mana aku bercakap pasal aku dan aku sahaja. Sebuah isi tulisan-tulisan yang datang dari aku dan hanya untuk aku... ini adalah sebuah *solilokui )

" matahari menyelesaikan tugasnya
bulan marah kerana ia tak dapat memamerkan baju barunya
ia hanya dapat terlihat separuh

awan terlihat risih dengan suara bising
angin terus saja bertiup dengan riuh
bulan semakin marah

bintang datang dengan segala kehangatan
menambah keceriaan bagi baju bulan
bulan tersenyum manja. "

Hari ini aku terfikirkan tentang hari semalam dan esok lagi. Macam mana ya? Macam mana kalau kita merancang dan rancangan itu nampaknya sudah bertemu hasil tapi last-last minute tak menjadi. Apa yang biasanya kita harus buat dan apa tindakan sewajarnya untuk menghadapi kemungkinan itu?

Contohnya begini: Aku sudah berkira-kira untuk buat 'sesuatu' pada senario kewangan aku yang nampaknya lewat-lewat ini agak meruncing. Tiba-tiba, bila tepat masa gaji masuk... krisis yang tidak diundang - menyergah langsung! Tidakkah ini namanya membantutkan urusan hidup aku untuk ke depan? Satu lagi senario: Aku sudah siap-siap sedia bekerja kuat untuk memiliki 'itu tapi kecundang jugak tidak kesampaian hajat.


Ya, macam biasa kita semua akan salahkan Isnin. Tapi aku sudah masak menyalahkan Isnin sebab Isnin tetap akan datang jugak lagi dan lagi dan lagi. Tenyata Isnin tidak salah tapi yang salah ialah orang-orang yang membuatkan hari Isnin semacam tak best. Alasan yang kerap diberi:

  1. Sabtu dan Ahad adalah dua hari yang cukup-cukup cinta dan seronok sesuai berehat,bersantai dan berseronok bagai. Isnin telah mematikan keindahan itu.
  2. Isnin hari mulanya minggu kerja dan bebanan dan tanggungjawab baru... dan mungkin juga yang tak berapa baru dan tertangguh
  3. Isnin tidak mungkin akan jadi hujung minggu dan hujung minggu tidak pernah cukup untuk orang-orang yang sudah bekerja.

HAH! Dont worry kalau ini semua tidak ada point-nya sebab memang disengajakan tulisan ini point-LESS. Jadi, kalau rancangan tidak menjadi: Apa yang perlu aku buat? Duduk diam dan layan komik macam malam-malam sebelumnya? Mungkin malam ini tidak. Malam ini aku akan 'buat' sesuatu lepas habis baca komik.

Aku ada rancangan lain.

*solilokui adalah gaya penulisan yang sangat bersifat personal. Berisi renungan, pengakuan dan kontemplasi untuk diri sendiri, namun dengan cara seolah-olah berdialog dengan orang kedua atau orang ketiga. Terkadang, digunakan juga untuk menyindir atau memberi nasihat kepada orang lain. Gaya solilokui digunakan untuk menghindari tulisan yang bersifat mendikte.

Jumaat, Ogos 04, 2006

Comic Book Review

Eternals #1-#2 (Marvel)
By Master Neil Gaiman

What do you get when modern creator of the stature of Neil Gaiman tackle a concept so closely associated with comics grand-master Jack Kirby? The answer: a stunning new look that is at once fresh and intriguing while at the same time shows deep respect for the source material.

By switching between a confused young medical intern, who may be one of the race of Eternals but doesn't know it and the page-spanning grandeur of the millennia-old Eternals backstory, the book seamlessly combines genuinely empathetic characters and stunning high concept while maintaining a good solid read.

Excellent storytelling, with just enough mystery to make you come back for the next issue, make this a series that was well worth the wait. Just a shame about the messy John Romita jr. interior work and Rick Berry cover image which does nothing to attract the casual reader.

p/s : Aku tak sabor nak tunggu compilation Absolute Sandman next Oktober... EIYAHOOO!

Rabu, Ogos 02, 2006

What the?!

Probably no interesting things going on today - well maybe except one thing, Wednesday is usually 'Comic Book Pick-Up Day' for me. Maybe that's a bit interesting.

People claimed me of being a jackass for cropping things from the worldwideweb.

In my defense, one of the advantages and disadvantages of the internet is that if something interesting gets discovered or linked to, it can go wider than anyone ever expected and the next thing you know thousands of people who never knew that your site existed are stomping around, staring at interesting things on it, or downloading your writng or story or song or your video, or whatever. And raging at people who point out that something's interesting and link to it isn't going to stop that happening again. Probably the best solution is never to post interesting things and to stop other people doing it.

Or maybe this is just me being faintly emotional towards 'people'.

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