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" Pourquoi, Zidane? "

I'm not a hardcore fan of Monsieur Zinedine Zidane but I admire his talent and skills. What happened to the French star at the WORLD CUP FINAL in Berlin last Sunday was an act of HEROISM for me personally because he has AT LONG LAST... unleashed his true colors!

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Marco Materazzi may have been out of line when he allegedly called Zinedine ‘Yazid’ Zidane a terrorist but the great Frenchman comply and confront him ultimately like a true superhero: This man definitely fights for truth, justice and honour.

No one will know for sure what was uttered by Marco Matterazzi that provoked Zidane’s moment of infamy on his final appearance on the global stage, not until one or both of them speak to the media. Speculation in the media and cyberspace was rife that Zidane was subjected to racial slurs by the Italian team and Materazzi in particular.

It was claimed that Materazzi had said: “I’ll look you up and rape your kid” while one blogger, who claimed to be able to read lips, gave his version of the dialogue between the two protagonists.

ZIDANE : Materazzi, you pinch me like an Italian whore.

MATERAZZI : You Algerians look like monkeys.

ZIDANE : Materazzi, I demand satisfaction!

MATERAZZI : F*** you, f*** Algeria, F*** your dogs.

This hit a raw nerve with Zidane as he stopped, walked back towards Materazzi and put his bald pate, the same head that had won France the World Cup in 1998, into the Italian’s chest. Materazzi went down and referee Horacio Elizondo flashed Zidane the red card. And everything else as they usually said... is history :

  • French sports newspaper L’Equipe reported there were suggestions Materazzi called Zidane a terrorist. The French sports daily L'Equipe wrote: "This morning, Zinedine, what do we tell our children, and all those for whom you were the living role model for all times?" Its front-page headline: "Eternal Regrets."
  • "The blue angel was transformed into a demon," Le Parisien newspaper said. "He can't exit this way, it's impossible. This morning, the sense of incredulousness is still there."
  • German great Franz Beckenbauer believed something offensive must have been said to the Frenchman.
  • Brazilian TV channel O Globo claimed Materazzi had called Zidane’s sister a prostitute through a programme called Fantastico who employed lip-reading experts who concluded footage of the incident showed the Italian twice insulted the Frenchman’s sister. The programme claimed Materazzi made the same comment twice before using a “coarse word”.
  • Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika praised Zidane for "the beautiful, courageous, intelligent and exceptional career he built." Referring to the ejection, Bouteflika said it could only have been the result of a "serious aggression" to which Zidane reacted as "as a man of honor before submitting to the verdict without blinking."
Zinedine Zidane... is most likely to be aligned his BEST WORLD CUP MOMENT in Germany to boxer Muhammad Ali's heroics in the ring. But neither Muhammad Ali nor Pele nor Jesse Owens nor any other great hero of their standing(the standing that on the verge of joining) ever broke the most elementary rules of sport like Zidane did.

It was his last image as a soccer player. And people asked:
“How could that happen to a man like you?”

Oh! Come on --- HE’S ONLY HUMAN.

At the age of 34, he came out of retirement to lead struggling France to the final. He put France ahead 1-0 with a penalty kick in the seventh minute. It was his 31st goal for Les Bleus in 108 appearances and fifth in the World Cup. But Zidane was banished in the 110th minute and the Italians Bastards won 5-3 on penalty kicks.

His parents emigrated from Algeria, became a proud symbol of a multicultural France. When host France won the World Cup in 1998, the national team was hailed for being "black, blanc, beur" or "black, white, North African" : a play on the red-white-and-blue of the French flag.

Many in France's large North African community waved Algerian flags alongside the French tri-color during the 2006 tournament. The multicultural pride was a soothing balm for a country that has often had a difficult time integrating its minorities including riots in troubled neighborhoods. Zidane is known for his poise and excellent technique but he also has a temper. Eight years ago, he was red-carded for stomping on an opponent while playing against Saudi Arabia. At this World Cup, he was suspended for France's third group match against Togo and collected three yellow cards and one red card.

The Zidane Mystery :
What set him off?

"You can take the man out of the rough neighborhood, but you can't take the rough neighborhood out of the man"
- striker Thierry Henry on Zidane.

National hero Zinedine Zidane ended his career with a brutal act of agression and power ... and if you ask me, I DEFINITELY APPROVE THAT!
p/s: ...he even snag the Golden Ball Award for the World Cup’s Best Player despite being a force of fury.