Ahad, Julai 30, 2006

Doing it my way.

We're always waiting for the 'idea'. One that will change your life, that will make your day. Maybe just one that will chage your life forever.

We're always waiting.

I guess the most important 'idea' is the one that tells you what you really... really want. This moment of revelation might not be per se a single moment but it eventually happens and when it does, you'll see everything else differently.

Some people tell me we'll see everything green. I'd prefer blue, or even a very delicate pink (on a waving elegant just-above-the-knee skirt wore by a pretty 'cun' girl). The point is, you'll be more focused, you will have found your path, your yellow brick road.

So... your 'idea' came and you found your way.

Now what? That's what I'm constantly trying to find out, and there's where the great joy of life is : finding it single every day.

Doing comics is fun. It's like something inside of you is just set on fire and you become somebody else when you're doing it. Or maybe you become yourself when you're doing comics and that's why it's so hard to do anything else after you tasted the sweet flavor only comics can give you.


Khamis, Julai 27, 2006

Isnin, Julai 24, 2006

TRUE Movie Masterpiece

( a 'sleeper' surprise )

Personally, aku rasa inilah dia filem yang aku carik-carik sepanjang 2006 ni untuk dinobatkan sebagai 'THE BEST FILM OF THE YEAR'.

Secara jujurnya aku nak buat satu pengakuan rasmi disini : Dah lama aku tak terpegun dan terpesona tahap melampau-melampau bila menonton wayang dan tak mau keluar walaupun creditnya dah abis. Tapi 'LADY IN THE WATER' bikin aku taksub! Truly a touch of genius from Mr.Shyamalan. Simply splendid. Semua benda yang aku suka, yang aku nak, yang aku fikirkan perlu ada untuk sebuah filem yang best... ada dalam cerita ni. And I thought originality is dead in Hollywood??!! PEH!

Please --- Don't even mind the title. Just watch out for the hidden messages dan segala macam hint-hint dan clue-clue menarik yang ada dalam filem ni! Come to think of it, aku rasa semua babak ada unsur-unsur nasihat, pesanan, satira, pengumuman khidmat masyarakat dan lain-lain lagi. Susah aku nak explain unless kalau korang sendiri ada kat depan aku. Maka, bolehlah aku gambarkan dengan kata-kata dan serlahkan rasa seronok sebenar persis kanak-kanak belum cukup umur baru first time dapat gula-gula beserta dengan mimik muka yang bersungguh-sungguh dan lenggok gaya badan seperti seorang penglipurlara lagak poyonya!

Sedikit SINOPSIS bebas SPOILER untuk tatapan umum bagi yang belum atau bakal ke panggung kelak :

" Originally written by M. Night Shyamalan as a bedtime story for his own children, the story of 'Lady in the Water' is an imaginative movie experience that inspires people to observe the world today and consider our purpose on earth. Like all of Shyamalan's work, this story offers a dark mystery with surprising twists, a touch of magic, and a powerful message at the end.

This story stands completely on its own as a unique screening endeavour and is intended to complement folklore stories and fairy tales, rather than recreate it. Those who see the film deliberately and consciously will have a deeper, richer experience of Mr.Night Shayamalan's story. "

Dia kata Hitchcock adalah inspiration tapi aku kata lepas filem ni, dia tak perlukan Hitchcock lagi sebagai sumber idea. He has now stand on his own mind and ingenuity, supremely superb storyteller and cunningly creative all the way. Definitely MY KIND of movie!

E'nuff said!

Rabu, Julai 19, 2006

Taking cue from "My Super Ex-Girlfriend"


Why Are Superheroes Super-Clueless In Matters Of The Heart? Earth-shaking make-up chemicial attraction not withstanding, romance for caped crusaders never seems to work out.

Relationships are tough. People are complicated puzzle pieces that rarely fit together perfectly. Differing interests, beliefs and attitudes can make an entwined life difficult. But imagine the complications if your significant other spends much of every day in a spandex costume, battling the forces of evil.

In "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" , the new romantic comedy-meets-superhero flick, Matt discovers that his needy girlfriend, Jenny is in fact the super-powered G-Girl only after dumping her. Hell hath no fury like a superwoman scorned and G-Girl uses her vast abilities to make Matt's life a living hell. Sadly, the situation is not that atypical; in matters of the heart, after all, most costumed heroes are powerless.

Consider the love life of the Dark Knight. In every Batman movie from the 1960s through today, Bruce Wayne has shown that while he might be brilliant at foiling villainy, when it comes to picking girlfriends: he's an idiot. If you were embarking on a crime-fighting career for which you've spent most of your life training and preparing, why on Earth would you complicate things by getting involved with Vicky Vale (Kim Basinger), a snoopy photojournalist who eventually finds her way into the Batcave? But that's just what Bruce Wayne (Michael Keaton) does in 1989's "Batman". The relationship didn't last, nor did the one with the overreaching psychoanalyst Chase Meridian (Nicole Kidman) in "Batman Forever". In fact, Batman's so bad at choosing mates that he's fallen for the alter ego of one of his enemies, the Catwoman, twice — once in the campy 1966 TV spinoff "Batman" and again in the dreary 1992 "Batman Returns" (and no, fanboys... it's not mitigated by the fact that he's had a love-hate relationship with Catwoman in the comics).

Bruce, give it up. You need to stick to the casual arm-candy befitting your billionaire-playboy role. Maybe you can date Kate Moss in your next film (and leave Katie Holmes in your past, please). It's common wisdom that one of the key tenets for a successful relationship is honesty. And yet most superheroes are reluctant to reveal their dual identities to significant others. Poor Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) in "Spider-Man" (2002) and "Spider-Man 2" (2004) was never able to explain to Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst) why he couldn't be with her - not to mention why he's so unreliable and always so bruised. When she finally discovers his secret at the end of the second movie, not only does she forgive all but she leaves her fiancé at the altar for a shot at love with the friendly neighbourhood wall crawler. Anyhow, as Spidey swings off through the concrete canyons of New York at the end of the sequel, there's a look of uncertainty on MJ's face. "This isn't gonna be easy, is it?", she's no doubt asking herself. No, MJ, it ain't.

Just ask Betty Ross. It's understandable why Betty (Jennifer Connelly) would be more than a bit hesitant to get back together with former flame Bruce Banner (Eric Bana) in Ang Lee's article-deprived "Hulk" (2003). Boyfriends with anger management issues are never a good idea, but think about the consequences if she and Bruce ever really get into a fight. Things are bound to get smashed. Then again, it would also likely result in some memorable make-up walk and talk.

But more on that later.

Still, keeping the secret of your double life makes sense... at least at first. Imagine if you were a superhero and you had just started dating someone. Would you tell them your biggest secret right away? Aside from wanting to protect them from the vengeance of your enemies, what if it didn't work out? Suddenly, your ex has information to hold over your head for the rest of your life. It could get worse. But there does come a time when a hero should come clean. One secret kept over time can snowball and lead to a mess that might be difficult to explain.

One need only see this year "Superman Returns" to get a glimpse of the muck that the poor Man of Steel is going through with Lois Lane. It's gonna take five sequels of couples counseling to sort that one out. Maybe... like movie stars and rock musicians, superheroes should stick with their own kind and only date other superheroes. Comic book stories over the years have postulated a Superman/Wonder Woman pairing (although she did have a flirtatious thing with Batman on the Justice League Unlimited cartoon). Then again, considering the fate of Elektra (Jennifer Garner) and Daredevil (Ben Affleck) in the latter's 2003 "Daredevil" film, as well as what Phoenix (Famke Janssen) did to Cyclops (James Marsden) in this summer's "X-Men: The Last Stand", even abilities far beyond those of mortal men can't save you from a lover's super-wrath.

There's an erotic subtext to the study of superhero love... of course. While most fanboys spend time arguing about who's faster - Superman or the Flash or if Batman could whup Wolverine's butt, other fans often engage in speculation about what a superhero love life might look (and feel and sound) like.

Take the Fantastic Four. What happens if the Human Torch "flames on" in the heat of passion? Is Invisible Woman with her super-elastic boyfriend Mr. Fantastic, the envy of women everywhere? And what about Alicia, the Thing's blind girlfriend? What's her take on her rocky fella?

In the end, it's no wonder that most superheroes remain single. After spending all day (or night, as the case may be) dodging atomic destructo-rays and nasty barbs hurled by enemies consumed by a seething desire to see them die in agony, the last thing caped crusaders need is someone nagging them to take out the garbage.


Selasa, Julai 18, 2006

I don't get it.

When it comes to doing what you love, it doesn't help trying to explain how things work... even if they do, to people that only want to know how it ends. They'll always miss the important bits.

New things are moving. Slowly... but forward.

We still have a lot to do (don't we always?) but this week and the next, hold the promise to be the busiest from the entire year. Maybe I'm wrong and let's hope that this is the case, for we certainly need to keep working to get things moving.

NOW : For something a bit personal

I'm sure most of you people think you know me by now. How different can I be from the others? In fact, aren't we all the same when it comes to certain things? Just a pair of pretty eyes, a pretty smile. But, if we're all the same, why are you here? With me? Why aren't you somewhere else, with someone else?

Why did you choose me?

Did you ever stop to think that maybe you didn't choose me?

That it was I that chose you? Do you still think you know me now?

ahhh...! Forget about it and just go here for fun.

Jumaat, Julai 14, 2006


# # #

French lawyer plans to challenge World Cup result

PARIS, July 13 (Reuters) - A French lawyer plans to ask a court to intervene in the controversy over Zinedine Zidane's sending-off in the World Cup final.

Doubts over whether a match official relied on video evidence of Zidane's head butt to Italian defender Marco Materazzi meant the final should be replayed, lawyer Mehana Mouhou said. "I am going to ask the judge to question all individuals concerned and to reconstruct the end of the refereeing," Mouhou, who is based in the northern town of Rennes, told Reuters on Thursday.

"If it is proved that the fourth referee or other officials involved in that match used video evidence, FIFA can have THE FINAL REPLAYED," he said.

Mouhou said he was acting on behalf of a number of clubs and associations whose names he would reveal once the application had been filed with the Tribunal de Grande Instance in Paris, one of France's main civil courts. French captain Zidane was sent off in extra time in Sunday's final in Berlin after he head-butted Materazzi, apparently in reaction to comments by the defender. Italy went on to take the World Cup after winning the match on penalties. The incident went unseen by the referee and his two linesmen. The referee was informed about the head butt by the fourth match official who said he had witnessed the action.

French team officials have challenged this version of events, saying the official knew what happened because he saw a video replay. FIFA rules prevent referees from using video evidence during the course of a match.

"The divergence of opinion means that the justice system should decide," Mouhou said.

"If it is proved that video was used, I will ask for the match to be nullified."

Rabu, Julai 12, 2006



On July 11 2006, FIFA declared its intent to officially investigate the incident(please refer yesterday's entry). It has been speculated in the German press, that the non-discrimination provision which FIFA adopted for its disciplinary code on 28 March 2006 may lead to the FIFA Executive Committee imposing harsh sanctions on Materazzi and/or the Italian side, up to and including disallowing Italy's team the World Cup victory if Materazzi is found to have insulted Zidane with racial slurs.


Selasa, Julai 11, 2006

NOW... this is CLASSIC !!!

( *i am writing this with emotions running high... )

" Pourquoi, Zidane? "

I'm not a hardcore fan of Monsieur Zinedine Zidane but I admire his talent and skills. What happened to the French star at the WORLD CUP FINAL in Berlin last Sunday was an act of HEROISM for me personally because he has AT LONG LAST... unleashed his true colors!

I should've wrote this yesterday but the facts and foundings are'nt solid enough for an entry.


Marco Materazzi may have been out of line when he allegedly called Zinedine ‘Yazid’ Zidane a terrorist but the great Frenchman comply and confront him ultimately like a true superhero: This man definitely fights for truth, justice and honour.

No one will know for sure what was uttered by Marco Matterazzi that provoked Zidane’s moment of infamy on his final appearance on the global stage, not until one or both of them speak to the media. Speculation in the media and cyberspace was rife that Zidane was subjected to racial slurs by the Italian team and Materazzi in particular.

It was claimed that Materazzi had said: “I’ll look you up and rape your kid” while one blogger, who claimed to be able to read lips, gave his version of the dialogue between the two protagonists.

ZIDANE : Materazzi, you pinch me like an Italian whore.

MATERAZZI : You Algerians look like monkeys.

ZIDANE : Materazzi, I demand satisfaction!

MATERAZZI : F*** you, f*** Algeria, F*** your dogs.

This hit a raw nerve with Zidane as he stopped, walked back towards Materazzi and put his bald pate, the same head that had won France the World Cup in 1998, into the Italian’s chest. Materazzi went down and referee Horacio Elizondo flashed Zidane the red card. And everything else as they usually said... is history :

  • French sports newspaper L’Equipe reported there were suggestions Materazzi called Zidane a terrorist. The French sports daily L'Equipe wrote: "This morning, Zinedine, what do we tell our children, and all those for whom you were the living role model for all times?" Its front-page headline: "Eternal Regrets."
  • "The blue angel was transformed into a demon," Le Parisien newspaper said. "He can't exit this way, it's impossible. This morning, the sense of incredulousness is still there."
  • German great Franz Beckenbauer believed something offensive must have been said to the Frenchman.
  • Brazilian TV channel O Globo claimed Materazzi had called Zidane’s sister a prostitute through a programme called Fantastico who employed lip-reading experts who concluded footage of the incident showed the Italian twice insulted the Frenchman’s sister. The programme claimed Materazzi made the same comment twice before using a “coarse word”.
  • Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika praised Zidane for "the beautiful, courageous, intelligent and exceptional career he built." Referring to the ejection, Bouteflika said it could only have been the result of a "serious aggression" to which Zidane reacted as "as a man of honor before submitting to the verdict without blinking."
Zinedine Zidane... is most likely to be aligned his BEST WORLD CUP MOMENT in Germany to boxer Muhammad Ali's heroics in the ring. But neither Muhammad Ali nor Pele nor Jesse Owens nor any other great hero of their standing(the standing that on the verge of joining) ever broke the most elementary rules of sport like Zidane did.

It was his last image as a soccer player. And people asked:
“How could that happen to a man like you?”

Oh! Come on --- HE’S ONLY HUMAN.

At the age of 34, he came out of retirement to lead struggling France to the final. He put France ahead 1-0 with a penalty kick in the seventh minute. It was his 31st goal for Les Bleus in 108 appearances and fifth in the World Cup. But Zidane was banished in the 110th minute and the Italians Bastards won 5-3 on penalty kicks.

His parents emigrated from Algeria, became a proud symbol of a multicultural France. When host France won the World Cup in 1998, the national team was hailed for being "black, blanc, beur" or "black, white, North African" : a play on the red-white-and-blue of the French flag.

Many in France's large North African community waved Algerian flags alongside the French tri-color during the 2006 tournament. The multicultural pride was a soothing balm for a country that has often had a difficult time integrating its minorities including riots in troubled neighborhoods. Zidane is known for his poise and excellent technique but he also has a temper. Eight years ago, he was red-carded for stomping on an opponent while playing against Saudi Arabia. At this World Cup, he was suspended for France's third group match against Togo and collected three yellow cards and one red card.

The Zidane Mystery :
What set him off?

"You can take the man out of the rough neighborhood, but you can't take the rough neighborhood out of the man"
- striker Thierry Henry on Zidane.

National hero Zinedine Zidane ended his career with a brutal act of agression and power ... and if you ask me, I DEFINITELY APPROVE THAT!
p/s: ...he even snag the Golden Ball Award for the World Cup’s Best Player despite being a force of fury.


Jumaat, Julai 07, 2006


Takde faktor atau sebab-sebab tertentu kenapa aku tukar layout dan template baru ni. Tapi kalau korang nak tau jugak... ni dia :

1. Terpengaruh dengan komik-komik yang aku baca sejak kebelakangan ni yang tengah rancak buat rancangan revamp sana-sini(termasuklah majalah aku). DC COMICS sibuk dengan projek 'ONE YEAR LATER' selepas konflik INFINITE CRISIS, MARVEL dengan agenda CIVIL WAR ( ...oh! Mungkin ramai yang tak tau Spider-Man baru ajer mendedahkan secret identity-nya secara rasmi kepada masyarakat umum dalam event ni : BAD CHOICE, PETE ! ) dan lain-lain lagi.

2. Dah lama sangat guna template/layout yang dulu tu. Nak try something else.

3. Nazri, Nazim, Sofia... semuanya dah ada new look untuk blog masing-masing. Aku pun teruja jugak nak join the bandwagon walaupun tak se'cun' blog lu orang. HEH!

4. Damn you, Zeek!!! Lain aku suruh buat... lain pulak yang kau buat!!! Habis semua hilang. Mana tag-board aku??? Mana link yang aku suruh buat??? Mana template lama aku??? Mana? MANA??? Lama tak jumpa macam ni pulak perangai kau ek?! CURSES!!!!

5. Slowly but steadily, aku nak menuju ke alam website sendiri satu hari nanti. Semuanya D.I.Y, bebeh! Mungkin lambat ...atau mungkin sangat lambat. Tunggu ajer la.


p/s : and Nik! ... where's my Absolute HUSH, dammit! Dah pinjam tak reti nak pulang balik. Don't make me mengamuk - You don't like it when I mengamuk. GGRRRR!!!

Isnin, Julai 03, 2006

TOLONG: ...this migraine is killing me!

The brain is a fearsomely complex information-processing environment--one that often eludes our ability to understand it. At any given time, the brain is collecting, filtering, and analyzing information and, in response, performing countless intricate processes, some of which are automatic, some voluntary, some conscious, and some unconscious.

And, it's squishy.

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