ideas are on their way...

I don't get it.

When it comes to doing what you love, it doesn't help trying to explain how things work, even if they do to people that only want to know how it ends. They'll always miss the important bits.

New things are moving. Slowly, but forward. We still have a lot to do (don't we always?), but this week and the next hold the promise to be the busiest from the entire year.

Maybe I'm wrong, and let's hope that this isn't the case, for we certainly need to keep working to get things moving.

Why should we try to follow someone's steps? Why should anyone? Shouldn't we all try to make our own decisions and tell our own stories?

'Ideas' are on their way.

By me... at least, but I hope we have company. I'm only one person and I need much more for the revolution that is coming.

If you're into comic book writing or comic book arts, you'll find that you spend a lot of time alone, sitting on your table or drawing board, away from the outside world and from more pleasurable things, like sun, fresh air and the company of your friends. It's very easy to get lost on your own thoughts when you spend so much time alone, with no one to talk to, no one to show your daily work. That's the reason it's so good to work with alone, the best bouncing board I could hope for.

Feedback is the key to a better tomorrow. You learn from your mistakes and it takes somebody else to tell you what they are. You could find out on your own, of course, but most of the time you're just to close to the problem to see it and you need an distant look.

(sometimes I walk the dramatic road and write like this. I'll come to my senses soon.)


*cosmic freak* berkata…
but can ideas flow through being inspired by others ??? guess nothing wrong there, right? not neccesarily following their footstep ...
thesandman berkata…
No doubt... people inspire people.
koma berkata…
dude, kalau x silap aku, gambar yg ko letak ni hasil kerja fabio moon and gabriel baa, si kembar talented dr Brasil kan?..
sama dgn gambar dlm post ko yg 2,3 post sblm ni..
aku just rasa ko patut bg kredit kat artist yg hasilkan karya ni. at least tulis aa artwork by saper2.. tak pon bubuh link ke blog dorg..
Sorry, kalu bunyik macam brengset, tp aku rasa org yg menghargai kerja seni mcm ko ni tentu faham ttg penghargaan terhadap pengkarya..
tp kalu ko lukis sendiri, aku mintak maaf dan aku rasa ko patut pecat semua pelukis 'mangaka wannabe' kat Jom tu, dan buat komik sendiri..
thesandman berkata…
terkantoi aku disitu... kuikuikui!