Jumaat, Mei 12, 2006


Woke up really early in the morning and read some of the new piled comics and magazine on my bed.

It supposed to be an off-day(Hari Wesak) but still... off to work it is.


Years and years and years ago,there's a lot of fear in me. But not now. Today, I have took-over fear and fear is indeed fearful of me.

It's probably worth pointing out that it's not just niceness that makes people not want to disturb "fairy things". There's fear there too. I remember being shown a large problem in the middle of a very delicate situation, but alas I managed overcome it. THE POWER OF WILL.

You know you're tired of over-writing when it occurs to you that the reason that the phone you are holding is frustrating your efforts to dial with it by somehow not having any buttons with numbers on either side, is because you picked up comic books instead. Not a problem. I've never minded when people don't like stories of mine (or the flip side: I've never been able to understand why some people feel the need to apologise for liking some story or other best of all. Of course you'll have favourites, and they may not be the favourites of the person standing next to you).

I hope most people will by now assume that the next story I tell will probably be different all over again, and pick it up to see if they like it or not, but I'll not take it personally if they don't.


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