Rabu, Mei 03, 2006


I should be busy writing articles right now, but were too 'uninspired' to do so. Lots of fun things waiting here in the mail for me. One of them being a friend asking:

"Bila novel kau nak siap weiii.. ??? Ker kau tu poyo jer lebih?!"


How do you know when your book is done? Hmm. I forget who it was that said that art is never finished, only abandoned and that's true up to a point. I'm never satisfied, but normally there's a point that feels like you've reached the end of a story, that the journey begun is now over and another point somewhat later, where you feel like something's been fixed and changed and polished as much as it's going to be fixed and changed and polished... not that nothing more can be done with it but that any more changes are going to make little difference to the end result and might just make it worse. You'll probably cope all right with the book, but you might want to close your eyes reading it.

I know I'm a bit re-miss in posting right now. I will do as soon as I get a bit more time. I feel like I have a book that still needs some plastering and polishing and I may have to move the desk and change the current chair I'm using, but that's definitely another reason: for delaying things and being late.

Right. That's about it...

CONCLUSIONnyer ialah aku makin hilang masa dan waktu untuk merancang


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