Monday BLUES : Reborn!

Wet Monday morning in Subang Jaya. Terbabas pergi kerja lagi ...semacam mana pagi-pagi Isnin yang sebelumnya.

Was reading Paulo Coelho's 'The Alchemist' last night, a marvellous extraordinary tale about life and destiny, much of which was applicable to my writing as well (or I thought it was). Sample quote, "Anyone who performs should love the art in himself, and be very wary of loving himself in the art."

( Dalam makna dia tu ye... )

Am experiencing MONDAY BLUES at the office. Would write all sorts of funny and interesting anecdotes about it and the previous weekend if I wasn't falling asleep, so will go to the library instead for some brain-exercises.

Given a refreshing and sweet SMS from a girl early this morning. Thank You.