Khamis, April 27, 2006

under the influence

It started with a late arrival at the office. It has been brought to my attention by someone who doesn't want me to post his or her name or even initials in this blog.

Today was a sleepy day. (Barca went thru the FINAL last night and I stayed up all night long despite the goal-less draw)

Got up at crack of dawn and took the train as usual. Attended the rehearsal and practise session for this Sunday's dinner showcase last night. It was really fun. People here were outstanding, and our crew could perform this weekend and hopefully drop jaws. We started rehearsing in less than two weeks, and I think this is going to be such an amazing show. People tend to compare this to last years's reception but I do declare that this is something different entirely. Thank You.


I'm thinking, I'm thinking. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the headaches are as big as yesterday's. I don't have to go anywhere or see somebody or leave for some place that I don't want to... well, until Sunday evening actually, when I go to Istana Hotel for the Karangkraf Annual Staff Party.

Will be continued...


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