HA! Aku berjaya mencurik 5 minit dari waktu kerja aku...

Why would anyone turn a wonderful life into something inspid and dull?

My friendly editor sometimes give me advices and tips when I see him, folded over layers of well-choreographed words with a "Here, hear and remember this when you get a chance" kicker. Some months ago he gave me an early draft of a potential comic story which has now been scripted by yours truly. It's near completion and waiting someone to draw it. Does'nt matter to me as long as it's good enough for anyone to read it.

I'm still at work... to a huge pile of paperwork, mails, copies of stuff for the magazine, piles of books and comics to read, several DVDs to watch and no one but me. Also enormous quantities of thoughts in my head, some of it might be ideas and most of it - total junk.

I have less than 24 hours to try and get a week of work done, and then came deadline. I don't really mind if I didn't finish it on time, so that's all right with me. Thing is, other people here have issues with deadlines. Yang penting kerja siap kan?

Yes. I'm very aware of how lucky I am to have a paid job. And how grateful I am that I'm not having to struggle and suffer like 'the rest'. So I thought I'd spread this wider so that others will know how grateful I am. Thank you.