So, in a never-ending quest to try and make sure that things turn up here before they turn up in other places, here's something I would like to share:

NO. I'M NOT GOING AS 'SUPERMAN' FOR DINNER... couldn't find the perfect outfit, i've burst my diet regime and it's TOO awkwardly striking.

I'm at the office again from a short stint of hiding-and-just-writing, which worked OK up to a point this time but there are too many things that people need now. Doesn't matter if it's yesterday or last month or six months ago, and I'm still nowhere near catching up. If I concentrate on all the things I've done so far this year rather than all the things I haven't done it feels less like a disaster (and I've written a lot). But right now it's a race, and I am running as fast as I can to stay in the same place.