Isnin, Mac 20, 2006

Viva La Revolucion ~ !

The most exciting and interesting bit of yesterday was when I accidentally ( or should I put it… coincidentally ) met most of my ex-‘buddies’ at SS15 Subang: Ali, Ita, Bob, Shabel, Mael & awek, Saleh & awek, Ariff & awek. It was good, fun and brief ‘reunion’, and my lame answer as usual for not hanging out with them anymore was of course – “Aku busy la”.

I could smell sarcasm firing and cynicism burning but anyway that was just me, I guess...

It's good to be settled down again. I loved doing the research-reading-writing thing. It was only by strength of will, and having an idea of how many hours there are in the day that I didn't simply say "Oh, just give me the project and I'll write it up for you," several times. But I managed to in the name of work.

It's an OK situation to be involved with. More details as I'm allowed to reveal them.

So now I'm back, and my life, which seemed to have finally found itself as I left for many-many errands, seems to still be itself and I've already written several thousand words today, and it was fine and easy and pleasant writing with some good lines in it. It's nothing like I thought it would be, mind, but that's not a bad thing. There will be bad days ahead, of course, but I think I'm now writing on behalf of myself..

For those yang tak tengok lagi V for Vendetta, go watch it! Brilliant work and ingenius idea from Mr. Alan Moore untuk orang-orang yang malas nak baca komiknya.


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