( May contain truthful lies )

Well, my personal life and stories are being kept quiet because that's the way I want it. Mostly because I don't want people get bored by it before I even started telling about it. When I am ready to talk about it, then maybe I will.

Let see... I've written the first chapter of my so-called upcoming graphic novel with 'a certain comic artist', and he has almost finished approving it. I've agreed about half of it, which is by far and away the best stuff from me since I've been in the business(personal view). I'm madly trying to get the notes for chapter two turned into a script for 'god-knows-when'.

Actually all of the proceeds from this project deal went straight into pure passion and satisfaction: and justice is served! I've certainly mentioned exclusiveness here, which is the new book I'm doing for GEN-Y. It'll be released maybe before the next Book Fair, kicking off my career into new heights... HAHA!!! *Tengah high masih aku menulis benda ni*

The only other comic I'll be doing right now is a story for a friend and small web copywriting, which i did'nt get paid for.