It’s been a few week since I’ve written something ‘useful’ in my blog, and those days have almost embittered me. They’ve filled me with wrath. Yes, I am exceedingly stressed out with work. I am full of anger and ready to despise my office mates, even without any apparent reason.

Oh, maybe it’s not fury, exactly. Maybe I’m masking deep psychological heartache. Maybe I’m really reaching out for love and acceptance, but can’t risk letting my heart grow in any sizes this day. So I lash out, defend with offense, and say some things I shouldn’t say about people who put me in content. Shame on me. They’re just trying to make merry and happy. I…I’m really sorry. I should really just go. I’ll just go. I’m so stupid. Just…

Okay. Maybe it’s because I’m still in THE mood for my aforementioned birthday.


Doing a page a day is an abnormality for me. My fellow comic artist here is famous for many things, but he’s been known to suggest that an artist or a writer will be successful in comics if he is two of three things:

1. He’s very timely
2. He’s very good
3. He’s very nice

I will now become very timely, because I’m almost sick of being nice. My motivation in becoming a bi-montly comic writer is no less than the chance to become a cruel despot, a prima donna and a tyrant of fanboy land.

Or to have more articles out there.

To this end, I’ll be eliminating any life outside of work for the next few months, and probably stop socializing for a little while. I’ve got a couple more appearances lined up; the upcoming KL book fair (later this month), Media Gala Nite (next week) and then maybe a few Sure Hebohs’ outing here and there, and then I’ll pull the plug for a little while. I will not leave my office, and I will work to keep JOM! as one of Karangkraf’s highest selling and most exciting titles. It’s going to be a fantastic year. I can’t wait no more ( Harap-harap ada la bos-bos aku yang baca entry ni, kira promo ni. Mana la tau sangkut... bonus mesti punya! HAHAHA!!! )

Also, thanks to everyone who sent me notes of birthday wishes on my friendster, sms screen, blog, etc... etc. I really appreciate the nice thoughts. Being myself is an amazing honor, although I think it pushes me over the hill from being considered ‘under-rated’ to ‘over-rated’. But that’s fine. The best any of us can hope for in life is for our friends to think we’re better than we, ourselves, know we are. And I suppose that goes for writing too. So thank you all, specifically my good friends who came out to spend a couple of days celebrating, eating and more eating, and to everyone who has made 2006 a really amazing year for me so far.

Well, I'm glad that I've already talked myself out of my ‘Monday Mood Swings’. I hope everyone’s having a good week ahead and I’ll write more soon when time permits!