Jumaat, Mac 31, 2006

... sedikit tazkirah untuk hari yang bernama Jumaat.


1. Tidak mengambil sarapan pagi
Apabila seseorang tidak mengambil sarapan pagi, paras gula dalam darah
akan menjadi rendah. Ini akan mengakibatkan kekurangan bekalan nutrisi
pada otak dan menjadikannya kurang aktif.

2. Terlebih makan
Ia akan membebankan pembuluh darah otak dan mengurangkan kuasa mental otak.

3. Perokok
Asap rokok akan mengakibatkan sel-sel otak terjejas atau terbakar dan
boleh mengakibatkan penyakit 'Alzheimer'.

4. Penggunaan gula yang berlebihan
Pengambilan gula secara berlebihan akan mengganggu penyerapan protein dan nutrisi. Selain daripada itu, ia akan mengganggu perkembangan otak yang sihat.

5. Pencemaran udara
Otak adalah pengguna oksigen terbesar dalam badan manusia. Pencemaran udara boleh menyebabkan pengurangan bekalan oksigen ke otak dan keaktifan otak.

6. Terlebih tidur
Tidur adalah bagus untuk merehatkan otak tetapi masa tidur yang
panjang boleh mengakibatkan sel-sel otak kita mati.

7. Menutup muka ketika tidur
Tidur sambil menutup muka akan mengakibatkan otak menerima lebih banyak karbon dioksida berbanding oksigen dan ini akan membawa kerosakan kepada otak.

8. Membiarkan otak bekerja semasa kita berada di dalam keadaan kurang sihat
Bekerja semasa anda kurang sihat boleh mengurangkan keberkesanan otak dan juga membawa kerosakan kepada sel-sel otak.

9. Kurang berimiginasi
Berfikir adalah satu cara terbaik untuk melatih otak kita. Kurangnya
berimiginasi boleh menyebabkan tahap kecerdasan/keaktifan otak menurun.

10. Jarang berfikir
Jarang berfikir akan menyebabkan otak kita kurang aktif. Oleh itu, perbincangan yang membina boleh menambah keberkesanan kecerdasan otak kita.

Sekian saja kegiatan 'copy and paste' aku untuk kali ini...


p/s: ...marilah mari menjaga kesihatan otak kita bersama

Khamis, Mac 30, 2006

( May contain truthful lies )

Well, my personal life and stories are being kept quiet because that's the way I want it. Mostly because I don't want people get bored by it before I even started telling about it. When I am ready to talk about it, then maybe I will.

Let see... I've written the first chapter of my so-called upcoming graphic novel with 'a certain comic artist', and he has almost finished approving it. I've agreed about half of it, which is by far and away the best stuff from me since I've been in the business(personal view). I'm madly trying to get the notes for chapter two turned into a script for 'god-knows-when'.

Actually all of the proceeds from this project deal went straight into pure passion and satisfaction: and justice is served! I've certainly mentioned exclusiveness here, which is the new book I'm doing for GEN-Y. It'll be released maybe before the next Book Fair, kicking off my career into new heights... HAHA!!! *Tengah high masih aku menulis benda ni*

The only other comic I'll be doing right now is a story for a friend and small web copywriting, which i did'nt get paid for.

Isnin, Mac 27, 2006

Another brilliant work and a masterpiece by Spike Lee.

Seimbangkah segala kepercayaan kita kepada sistem dan peraturan dunia? Berbaloikah segala pegangan,etika dan prisip hidup yang kita sandar sehari-harian? Apakah agenda terbesar dan rahsia manusia sebenarnya dalam dunia ni?

We're asked to form our moral judgments. Is justice served by the end of the day?

I say go see "Inside Man" for yourself. Simply a stroke of genius.

p/s: Jangan panik dengan opening soundtrack filem ni...

Sabtu, Mac 25, 2006


Simpan diri ku terseksa
Nak ku luahkan tak ku gentar
Kekurangan ku terbongkar


Insan yang terdampar
Yang tinggal 'menagih' (?)

Terang dan terlindung
Dimana tempat nak ku singgah
Mengesan mu pasangan ditakdirkan

Aku rempuh azab sengsara
Tak kisah asal bersua


'IKON (A Rockstar Chronicle)'


Rabu, Mac 22, 2006



I feel like crap that I haven't been able to get my 'mojo' back sooner but I'm hoping to get stuff up on my book before the Pesta Buku this Friday. Have been neglecting it a lot over the last few week or so. Whew! I cannot express how excited I am to be seeing this book come to life with ALL-NEW plans and strategies we have for the upcoming months.

The team is doing a simply amazing job. Master Niezam and Master Roy has crafted a lush story and designing exciting ideas. There's even a brand new colorists(!). Aie and Zid is doing some jaw dropping stuff. It seems like such a long time since I've had so many things to say about JOM!... but it's been a blast since the beginning of 2006. It felt good to step back a bit and put some real love into a project. As you'll see real soon, some comic story themes have changed a lot since their earlier conception.

Hopefully you guys have marked your calendar and reminded all your friends and families to drop by PWTC next week :D ! The 'AKU DAN SESUATU' Special Edition poster is so awesome that some of you might pee in your pants! I just know it. For any of you going to the Pesta Buku at PWTC this weekend, maybe I'll get a chance to see you people.

Oh?! The release of the 'GEN-Y SECRET BOOK' is just around the corner. Like I said, there has been a lot of blood, sweat and tears put into this project over the past two years.

Enjoy your time there... o'rite?

I'll be back soon!

Isnin, Mac 20, 2006

Viva La Revolucion ~ !

The most exciting and interesting bit of yesterday was when I accidentally ( or should I put it… coincidentally ) met most of my ex-‘buddies’ at SS15 Subang: Ali, Ita, Bob, Shabel, Mael & awek, Saleh & awek, Ariff & awek. It was good, fun and brief ‘reunion’, and my lame answer as usual for not hanging out with them anymore was of course – “Aku busy la”.

I could smell sarcasm firing and cynicism burning but anyway that was just me, I guess...

It's good to be settled down again. I loved doing the research-reading-writing thing. It was only by strength of will, and having an idea of how many hours there are in the day that I didn't simply say "Oh, just give me the project and I'll write it up for you," several times. But I managed to in the name of work.

It's an OK situation to be involved with. More details as I'm allowed to reveal them.

So now I'm back, and my life, which seemed to have finally found itself as I left for many-many errands, seems to still be itself and I've already written several thousand words today, and it was fine and easy and pleasant writing with some good lines in it. It's nothing like I thought it would be, mind, but that's not a bad thing. There will be bad days ahead, of course, but I think I'm now writing on behalf of myself..

For those yang tak tengok lagi V for Vendetta, go watch it! Brilliant work and ingenius idea from Mr. Alan Moore untuk orang-orang yang malas nak baca komiknya.

Khamis, Mac 16, 2006


Sorry about the long silence... not sure if I was sick or just tired ( I think probably the latter ) - I was working like mad solidly from the moment since my last blog entry, and when the weekend happen this Saturday. I just sort of wanted to sleep for most of it. Last night, I got back home around 3am in the morning. Straightforward went for a long walk across dreamland to check out what’s in store for me in the future, and to see what they'd done to my life.

I found myself very nostalgic lately ( remembering, among other things of how stupid and silly I am for not being affirmative enough about certain stuff ). But now, I couldn’t be bothered with such things.

It's all going almost incredibly well for most people who despise me before.

I'm afraid this is going to have to be very brief as I need to get things moving a bit faster:

4 March
Showcase at Bukit Merah Laketown Resort with Petronas

9 March
Had the whole day spent at UiTM Melaka giving away speeches and discussion about comics and meeting fans.

10 - 13 March
Catching up on datelines and other office works

14 March
Launching of some novel by some novelist at some hotel
( frankly, just went there for the food )

15 – 16 March
Prepping for Selangor Media Nite showcase performance tomorrow
( ...up until the wee hours of morning )

See you real soon, blogmites!

p/s: Baru nak tengok V FOR VENDETTA malam ni tapi ada rehearsal la pulak... GAH!

Isnin, Mac 06, 2006


It’s been a few week since I’ve written something ‘useful’ in my blog, and those days have almost embittered me. They’ve filled me with wrath. Yes, I am exceedingly stressed out with work. I am full of anger and ready to despise my office mates, even without any apparent reason.

Oh, maybe it’s not fury, exactly. Maybe I’m masking deep psychological heartache. Maybe I’m really reaching out for love and acceptance, but can’t risk letting my heart grow in any sizes this day. So I lash out, defend with offense, and say some things I shouldn’t say about people who put me in content. Shame on me. They’re just trying to make merry and happy. I…I’m really sorry. I should really just go. I’ll just go. I’m so stupid. Just…

Okay. Maybe it’s because I’m still in THE mood for my aforementioned birthday.


Doing a page a day is an abnormality for me. My fellow comic artist here is famous for many things, but he’s been known to suggest that an artist or a writer will be successful in comics if he is two of three things:

1. He’s very timely
2. He’s very good
3. He’s very nice

I will now become very timely, because I’m almost sick of being nice. My motivation in becoming a bi-montly comic writer is no less than the chance to become a cruel despot, a prima donna and a tyrant of fanboy land.

Or to have more articles out there.

To this end, I’ll be eliminating any life outside of work for the next few months, and probably stop socializing for a little while. I’ve got a couple more appearances lined up; the upcoming KL book fair (later this month), Media Gala Nite (next week) and then maybe a few Sure Hebohs’ outing here and there, and then I’ll pull the plug for a little while. I will not leave my office, and I will work to keep JOM! as one of Karangkraf’s highest selling and most exciting titles. It’s going to be a fantastic year. I can’t wait no more ( Harap-harap ada la bos-bos aku yang baca entry ni, kira promo ni. Mana la tau sangkut... bonus mesti punya! HAHAHA!!! )

Also, thanks to everyone who sent me notes of birthday wishes on my friendster, sms screen, blog, etc... etc. I really appreciate the nice thoughts. Being myself is an amazing honor, although I think it pushes me over the hill from being considered ‘under-rated’ to ‘over-rated’. But that’s fine. The best any of us can hope for in life is for our friends to think we’re better than we, ourselves, know we are. And I suppose that goes for writing too. So thank you all, specifically my good friends who came out to spend a couple of days celebrating, eating and more eating, and to everyone who has made 2006 a really amazing year for me so far.

Well, I'm glad that I've already talked myself out of my ‘Monday Mood Swings’. I hope everyone’s having a good week ahead and I’ll write more soon when time permits!

Khamis, Mac 02, 2006


Terima Kasih semua.

Terima Kasih untuk yang bagi ucapan.

Terima Kasih
untuk yang bagi ucapan dan bagi hadiah.

Terima Kasih
untuk yang bagi ucapan dan tak bagi hadiah.

Terima Kasih untuk yang bagi ucapan walaupun terlambat dan tak bagi hadiah...

Harap kita dapat sambut lagi Harijadi aku lagi tahun depan dengan banyak lagi cerita-cerita BARU.

Apa-apapun : Korang tetap BEST!

p/s Ucapan ni buat semua yang aku kenal, tak kira la korang ada kena mengena dengan gambar-gambar yang ada dalam entry blog aku kali ni ataupun tak... Jangan takut. Semua-semua pun aku ingat.

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