" Yes, the title of this book is an oxymoron. "

The Science of Superman : The Official Guide to the Science of the Last Son of Krypton

YOU WILL BELIEVE A MAN CAN FLY! He is generally well-known as the Man of Steel --- the 'Last Son of Krypton'. For more than half a century, Superman has been a comic book icon and the world's first and most recognizable super hero. From his beginnings as the featured character in his own ten-cent comic book (which is now offered at USD$1 mill~!), through multiple incarnations on radio, newspaper syndication, television, and the movies: Superman has emerged as the flagship hero of a comic book empire. In fact, the Man of Steel has become so ubiquitous, it's as if he were real.

But what if he were real?

What if the Kryptonian named Kal-El, a humanoid being whose world orbited a far-off red dwarf star, was actually raised here on Earth? Would, in fact such a being be capable of achieving the amazing feats of power commonly associated with Superman? And if so, how could his powers be scientifically explained?

In The Science of Superman, gifted science writer Mark Wolverton takes up the challenge and answers these very questions. Examining Superman's powers through the lens of modern science, he explains the fundamental biological and genetic differences between Earthlings and Kryptonians that allow Superman to exercise extraordinary abilities on our planet. For the first time anywhere, you'll understand the logic and science that underlie Superman's 'super powers'. The book bears the imprimatur of DC comics, so we can assume that the work will be the official explanation of why and how Superman works. It's not every day that a legend get rewritten, and the book will doubtlessly help serve as the foundation for a whole new set of adventures for the Man of Steel.

The scientific aspect of the book, featuring all the origin, theories, laws and fundamentals was well explained in case you have never heard of any of it before, and it is all applied to Superman and how he would function in real life. Acceptional great read for any 'superhero-wannabes' macam aku - :) I guarantee you'll never look at the Man of Steel the same way again.

p/s: When i finished reading this book, I must say I am impressed with the way the author tries to ground Superman into the real world. True... some of the theories takes you to the outer realm of believability but it would'nt be as much fun if it did'nt,kan?! Heheh.

Overall, if you're a comic fan you'll probably enjoy reading the book because it did turn out to be an interesting book as I thought it would.