" Stalking time again and again... "

There’s no way you'll be able to hide your reaction once you’ve read all my past. You had no idea about the comics stuff or anything else I do. You only knew me from the past.

I think that’s actually kind of calamitous and unfortunate.

Well, here's another sort of revelation. Starting today, I am going to begin scheduling "retroactive appointments". This means that at certain times, I will begin observing my environment in a fairly specific way for any possible sign of any sort of empirical effect generated at a point in time other than the one I am presently in. This could be in the form of actual time travellers version of myself, perhaps messages being projected across the forehead of the person I’m looking at, voices on the wind, basically just "whatever". I figure that either time travel of some sort is possible or it isn’t, and if it is, those working in the field need a source of experimental data. I might be able to supply them with a point in time towards which to aim some of their experimentation.

Most obnoxious memories decay naturally, but people under extreme stress(like few of my friends), pump an abnormal amount of stress hormones during the event --- so the memories are stored differently. If you have post-traumatic stress disorder, your memory is so fresh it’s as if the event is happening here and now. For a person to have that vivid flashback certain hormones are released by the brain. If you can block these, the memory is weakened or even removed completely.

Too technical and complicated, huh?!

Lupakan ajer la... mimpi terus.