Apsal kau tak berapa nak layan komik Jepun ke, Hong Kong ke?

Japanese comics or Manga... I don’t read Manga, as I don’t know what Manga to read. I would like to get into it to some degree to see what all the fuss is about, to judge it on my own. Right now I can say I don’t know much about it. I have a copy or two of illegal copies Manga that I have not read yet, and I have heard good things about Manhua(Hong Kong comics), so I will start with those when I've got nothing better to do. But, I am obviously not the norm here based off the sales numbers they sell worldwide, especially here in our beloved country.

What is it about Manga that makes it spank US based comics so bad here locally? What is the appeal that it has that the US books don’t? And, who and what type of people is buying it?

The business of manga is of great interest to some people but is it worthwhile and appealing generally? Maybe I should spend more time looking into this because people are starting to question my motives about being so obsessive of US comics, which I'm not.


This is just something fun I thought. I'd do it here from time to time. As some of you know or realise, I talk and write comics regularly everyday. Some might make it to print, and some might not. Please treat this as an insightful informational stuff that you WON'T see in any current or future issues of JOM!.

I was at a local bookshop last week looking through the manga section, flipping through the books and tried to understand it somehow. I have to say I am amazed at how ignorant I am of manga and anime.

Can’t help but wonder, if manga is selling so heavily in the normal bookstore market(may it be your favorite mamak stall or MPH or Kinokuniya or wherever), what is Manga speciality exactly? I have heard of a few but where I stand, I can't think of any, or at least one.

Once in a while, people may might think that I'm a bit conservative ...or maybe just simply plain ego-centric.


NiK! berkata…
The elusive allure of manga (or its inherent power which is without doubt SO engaging) is due to the fact that the popular MANGA is WELL WRITTEN.

And I don't mean well-written ala US Comics in the ALan Moore, Brian Bendis, Grant Morrison, Mark Millar sense.

No sir-ree, I mean MANGA is well-written AND well-formatted to be BITE SIZED.

For most episodic Manga:
You can pick up ANY issue, read from ANY chapter, and after getting to know the rship b/w each character, start enjoying that bite-sized story terus!!!

No need to buy 30 back issues, read Wizard magazine's expose on past events, go online and Google up past comics, etc, etc,

Manga is cheap, easy to read, and diverse enough in topics (NOT just superheros like US comics) that EVERYONE of every AGE GROUP can relate to Manga.

From teenage love stories, to comedy, to heroic deeds, to anti-hero anti-establishment lawaks, to giant robots and samurais/ninjas.

Manga has it all.

So why read anything else. (This coming from the geek who's been reading US comics close to 15 yrs now).

In mengingati Valentine's Day, I think we should rujuk balik and end our divorce lah sayang.

I *rindu* our late night chats on comics!

NiK! berkata…
Manga to read for beginners:-

Best Sports Manga: Slam Dunk

Best Adventure Manga:
Dragonball, One Piece, Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto

Best Anti-hero Manga:
Great Teacher Onizuka (G.T.O.)

Best Detective Manga:
Detective Conan

Best Samurai Manga:
Rurouni Kenshin / Samurai X

And that's just off the top of my head. I haven't read Manga in the past 5 years..I'm sure A LOT better stuff have sprouted in the mkt.

Ask your school-going lil' bros, youngsters ALWAYS have the pulse on what's currently cool.
thesandman berkata…
Ulasan ini telah dialihkan keluar oleh pentadbir blog.
thesandman berkata…

This is SO F#$*ING gay, man!!!

...lari awek wei bila org baca blog aku ni wooiii!

Kambing betul la lu Nik!

"In mengingati Valentine's Day, I think we should rujuk balik and end our divorce lah sayang.

I *rindu* our late night chats..."

cheqmentie berkata…
komen aku yang dah setahun berkecimpung dalam dunia manga-

manga ni lebih berpijak pada realiti berbanding komik us yang banyak sangat fantasi...
komik mana lagi yang ada pakai spender kat luar kalau tak komik us...
NiK! berkata…
Alaaa Cheqmentie...

Jgnlah elitist sgt beb...

Ko ingat Komik Jepun berpijak kat bumi nyata ke sumer??

Ko baca Manga apa beb??

Pintu suka hati from Doraemon, Kacang bijih hijau drai Dragonball, Kame-hme-ha dari Dragonball, sumer spells kat Naruto, Robots besar dari Gundam...

Fuh MEMANG berpijak di bumi nyata siut!

Kalah aku pakai spender on top of seluar jeans aku...

Comics is Comics is Comics...

No matter the language, the country of origin, etc. Yg pentingnya ko enjoy bila baca komik!

And Faizal...janganlah hung up sgt... emo-emo mcm ni lah yg buat Farah Fauzana tak minat ko in the first place! :-p
thesandman berkata…
the debate continues...