Feeling FaizalMukhtar

FaizalMukhtar is, by all accounts... a strange, silly and sometimes; sort of a stupid guy. He didn’t have much prudence in life, but he had a huge certain amount of bad luck, and most people know that this guy is the creator of ‘ridiculousity’ and ‘daftness’, even if people didn’t know that he does’nt believe entirely in such thing as good luck. No one else who did anything foolish or absurd got any credit in his head. The other people who knew him back during his ‘old days’, in his mind, were just ‘ghosts’. The only thing that was important to FaizalMukhtar is FaizalMukhtar.

And I keep thinking of him after an incident last night. SATU LAGI BENDA YANG TERAMAT BANGANG YANG BOLEH DI ELAKKAN, JADIK LAGIK KAT MAMAT NIH MALAM TADI!!! If only he knew and realised earlier, he’ll take it all away. He’ll throw it all to hell, he said. He told me to tell you people though, that if you could sort it all out by just getting in a room with him ---- man to man and hammering out an agreement about being WISE. And he made me promise to say that, if this keeps up, he’s going to go public with all the dirt on himself that he can find, and no one will like him any more.

And the last lingering shreds of respect I had for FaizalMukhtar (after all this while), just went away... like that.

I’d been feeling almost sorry for him recently; his ideas didn’t work; his plans are no longer working, his feelings has been imploding, his long-time trusted friends have left or are leaving, and are quite hypocritical in public but honest in private about why he threw away his new year resolutions. Even his name are worth less and less.

So... sapa rase tak nak kawan dengan mamat ni lagi, sila serahkan nama kat aku sekarang sebelum korang dapat susah pasal dia ni lagik. Dia punya ‘aura’ suwey datang lagik and tengah kuat nih. Aku tak nak tanggungjawab kalau kena kat korang.



cheqmentie berkata…
tak mo kawan ngan ko ar, tulis nama aku ...bleh?
thesandman berkata…
awak tak layak masuk dalam senarai ni...

sebab cheqmentie best.

; )
NiK! berkata…

Lu pahal wei... JUST what have u gotten urself INTO now mate?

Ish, ish, ish...Faizal, Faizal...KO tak pernah belajar ke from ALL the mistakes u've made in the past.

neways, no matter how dow u are, there will always be ppl more susah than u...ini semua dugaan tuhan maha esa.

Ingat2lah dia dlm ur time of darkness and need nih.

thesandman berkata…
The Preacher preaches... HAH!


OK, lets hang out - drinks on you,waddaya say???
cheqmentie berkata…
alah budak faizal nie memang ngengada...meh sini aku sepak pipi ko pelan-pelan meh...sure ko sedar balik apa yang ko cakap tu...
: P
p/s: aku tak der lar bess manapun...biasa jer...ngehehe...
thesandman berkata…
Kenyataan saya adalah muktamad.

Sebarang second opinion untuk kali ini tidak akan dilayan... HAHA!