Selasa, Februari 28, 2006


Bukanlah senang menjadi senang,
Kata yang senang.
Bukanlah senang menjadi susah,
Kata yang susah.
Bila dah senang curiga pun datang,
Bila dah senang,
Hati tak tenang.

Ada sesetengah orang berkata:
Kekayaan bukan kemewahan,
Bukan kebahagiaan,
Kerana hidup dalam ketakutan.
Siapa ingin hidup susah?
Kalau senang menjadi susah.
Ada yang kata berlainan pula...
Kemiskinan bukan kejayaan,
Kejayaan tanda kesenangan.
Kesenangan tanda kebahagiaan

Kalau begitu semuanya susah
Kan lebih baik hidup sederhana.

"Bukan Senang Nak Senang"
Lagu: M.Nasir
Lirik: S.Amin Shahab


Selasa, Februari 21, 2006


How Friendster and Blog is unwiring social networks

Friendster keeps getting creepier. The free Internet service, which links personal profiles together into its own online social web, started out by allowing you to ‘bookmark’ strangers in order to let them know that somebody was checking them out. Now they’ve introduced a feature where you can track anyone who has been looking at your fabulous profile. More than ever, the allure of Friendster is that you can now be a creepy stalker without actually being a creepy stalker.

The irony of it all...

After all, who hasn’t spent an evening at home (or an afternoon at work) searching for past loves and crushes? Or looking longingly at the friends in your network that you haven’t seen for a long time? Or looking at the ones you’ve already met lately? Or that you’ve met but were too nyanyuk to remember? Or changing mails and chats for a few weeks and then got in a very tight schedule about things and stuff and decided not to talk to them anymore? Or never meet this starngers in friendsters but always wanted to and a few months passed by and now you want to see if how they’re doing?

Though I’ve dallied a little, I’ve never really been a Friendster person. Updating profiles, leaving testimonials, enduring the consistent pressure to be a clever poyo guy - it’s just too much to keep up with. My stalking has been limited to ‘blogging’ and ‘googling’ only: itupun sebab terpaksa. I liken the phenomenon of myself craving for information whenever I walk in the internet door. I need affirmation of my existence. Such is Google, such is Blogger, such is Friendster.

When Friendster first came around, all of my early-adopter friends leapt at it and had a blast. As time went on, more people became connected and it created a strange network wherein you could find people you might have otherwise lost contact with entirely, maybe you wanted to add them as your ‘friend’ or maybe you just wanted to know they were out there. But as Friendster gradually evolves into uselessness, I find myself at odds with the whole thing. It has reached a saturation point where I’ve now come back into contact with old, old, old friends, some of whom I’d prefer not to be friends with anymore as well as others that I thought had faded away. Even though I’ve now lapsed into a Friendster coma, people keep tracking people down on it. For better or worse, the service has steadily begun to instill its hooks into the Internet.

And now, with the addition of a blog feature to Friendster, I can read about the ins-and-outs of people’s lives who would never in a million years start a blog if they thought that they’d have to compete with the invincible SultanMuzaffar and the likes of him ( Trivia Sandman: SultanMuzaffar ialah seorang award-winning blogger dan antara blogger terhandal di mainstream Malaysia ). On Friendster however, one needn’t worry about this level of competition; the floodgates have opened. I know people who actually make money from their blogs, but they don’t really seem to enjoy having one. When people first began writing about their lives for all of us ‘internauts’ to see, it was out of armchair-techie joy. “That’s all it takes? Why, I could do that!” And it was fun. And it was voyeuristic. And then, once all the cliques and competition began to form, it just didn’t seem to be so enjoyable anymore.

As anyone can tell you, blogs have changed. I had dinner with my friend a few weeks ago and, somewhere into my second round of teh o’ ais limau, she leaned over and whispered to me, "What’s a blog?". I scraped around for an answer and came up with: a blog is a personal website with writing devoted to your life, your hobbies, or whatever it is people in the current pop-culture society are doing. This wasn’t entirely helpful for her. However, she was amazed to learn that some people can make money from blogging and, as a point of fact, thought that was cool.

I’m not going to argue against writers being paid for their writing, and I’m not defending Friendster or Blogger. It’s just what i think now and today. I think it’s growing in ways that are detrimental to itself and to us. But as it grows, it pulls in people you might not have expected. And maybe someday, my mom will want to be my Friendster. I love my mom but come’on, let me stalk that girl or guy in high school who used to give me good memories and excellent advice about life. I wanted to see if they have an excellent life now. And please, let the Internet be fun again.


p/s: Terilham setelah membaca artikel online ini sebenarnya... dan ini juga bukanlah satu attempt untuk mempromosi apa-apa atau sesiapa adanya.

Isnin, Februari 20, 2006

Feeling FaizalMukhtar

FaizalMukhtar is, by all accounts... a strange, silly and sometimes; sort of a stupid guy. He didn’t have much prudence in life, but he had a huge certain amount of bad luck, and most people know that this guy is the creator of ‘ridiculousity’ and ‘daftness’, even if people didn’t know that he does’nt believe entirely in such thing as good luck. No one else who did anything foolish or absurd got any credit in his head. The other people who knew him back during his ‘old days’, in his mind, were just ‘ghosts’. The only thing that was important to FaizalMukhtar is FaizalMukhtar.

And I keep thinking of him after an incident last night. SATU LAGI BENDA YANG TERAMAT BANGANG YANG BOLEH DI ELAKKAN, JADIK LAGIK KAT MAMAT NIH MALAM TADI!!! If only he knew and realised earlier, he’ll take it all away. He’ll throw it all to hell, he said. He told me to tell you people though, that if you could sort it all out by just getting in a room with him ---- man to man and hammering out an agreement about being WISE. And he made me promise to say that, if this keeps up, he’s going to go public with all the dirt on himself that he can find, and no one will like him any more.

And the last lingering shreds of respect I had for FaizalMukhtar (after all this while), just went away... like that.

I’d been feeling almost sorry for him recently; his ideas didn’t work; his plans are no longer working, his feelings has been imploding, his long-time trusted friends have left or are leaving, and are quite hypocritical in public but honest in private about why he threw away his new year resolutions. Even his name are worth less and less.

So... sapa rase tak nak kawan dengan mamat ni lagi, sila serahkan nama kat aku sekarang sebelum korang dapat susah pasal dia ni lagik. Dia punya ‘aura’ suwey datang lagik and tengah kuat nih. Aku tak nak tanggungjawab kalau kena kat korang.


Khamis, Februari 16, 2006

" Ni cerita suratkhabar semalam... "

MALAM minggu lalu, pusat hiburan Planet Hollywood di Kuala Lumpur padat dan sesak dengan orang ramai. Para peminat muzik berhimpit-himpit selama dua jam lebih menyaksikan kemunculan seseorang sejak pukul 10 malam.

Semuanya gara-gara persembahan M. Nasir yang mengisi slot Sunday Night Live pusat hiburan itu. Penyanyi yang digelar sifu itu berjaya menghimpunkan peminat setianya daripada golongan remaja hinggalah kepada seorang wanita tua berumur 74 tahun.

Seperti dijangka, kemuncak kehangatan malam itu tercetus tepat pukul 10.45 malam. M. Nasir muncul dengan lagu Rajawali. Riuh-rendah jeritan penonton yang menyanyi bersamanya.

Sesiapa yang pernah menonton persembahan Nasir pasti tahu bagaimana dia menguasai pentas dengan gaya tersendiri yang sesekali kelihatan seperti seorang pahlawan Melayu.

Nasir bijak berkomunikasi dengan penonton walaupun kata-kata yang dipilihnya mempunyai maksud mendalam.

Katanya, penonton tidak boleh relaks menyaksikan persembahannya tetapi mesti ‘layan’ persembahannya supaya boleh ‘masuk’ dengan lagu yang disampaikan.

Nasir yang terkenal dengan perwatakan serius tampak ramah dan mesra. Sesekali komposer terkenal Ramli M.S yang turut menonton persembahan itu diusik kerana popularitinya.

Sempat juga Nasir bergurau. Katanya, orang Malaysia telah ‘diIndonkan’ dengan lagu-lagu kumpulan dari seberang seperti Peterpan dan Radja.

“Kita ada lagu sendiri,” kata bekas pengetua Akademi Fantasi 3 itu dengan ketawa yang bersahaja.

Walaupun ada segelintir penonton yang hadir bercitarasakan penyanyi antarabangsa, namun mereka berpuas hati menyaksikan aksi Nasir di tempat eksklusif seperti Planet Holywood.

Sebanyak 16 buah lagu disampaikan termasuk Rajawali, Raikan Cinta, Tari Rimba Mistikal, Berikan Nurbisa, Sentuhan Listrikmu, Mentera Semerah Padi dan Bukalah Hatimu.

Memang rugi jika tidak berpeluang menonton persembahan Nasir kerana persembahannya memang menghiburkan dan mengasyikkan.

Antara selebriti yang kelihatan di Planet Hollywood pada malam itu ialah Misha Omar, Ramli M.S dan Hattan.

Bagi yang terlepas persembahan itu, pastikan janji temu anda pada 19 Februari ini pukul 10 malam kerana Planet Hollywood bakal bergegar sekali lagi dengan irama jiwa M. Nasir.

Kinda of lucky to be there and witness the LIVING LEGEND in action ~!!! Watch out for the NEW album next month with his twist and genius at pop music... ( some of his latest numbers are Oh Juwita, Dari Sini Ke Eternity, Dalam Lambaian Firdaus, Balada Seorang Teman, Apa Lagi, Setiap Dambaan and Bahtera Raudah ).

Selasa, Februari 14, 2006


Apsal kau tak berapa nak layan komik Jepun ke, Hong Kong ke?

Japanese comics or Manga... I don’t read Manga, as I don’t know what Manga to read. I would like to get into it to some degree to see what all the fuss is about, to judge it on my own. Right now I can say I don’t know much about it. I have a copy or two of illegal copies Manga that I have not read yet, and I have heard good things about Manhua(Hong Kong comics), so I will start with those when I've got nothing better to do. But, I am obviously not the norm here based off the sales numbers they sell worldwide, especially here in our beloved country.

What is it about Manga that makes it spank US based comics so bad here locally? What is the appeal that it has that the US books don’t? And, who and what type of people is buying it?

The business of manga is of great interest to some people but is it worthwhile and appealing generally? Maybe I should spend more time looking into this because people are starting to question my motives about being so obsessive of US comics, which I'm not.


This is just something fun I thought. I'd do it here from time to time. As some of you know or realise, I talk and write comics regularly everyday. Some might make it to print, and some might not. Please treat this as an insightful informational stuff that you WON'T see in any current or future issues of JOM!.

I was at a local bookshop last week looking through the manga section, flipping through the books and tried to understand it somehow. I have to say I am amazed at how ignorant I am of manga and anime.

Can’t help but wonder, if manga is selling so heavily in the normal bookstore market(may it be your favorite mamak stall or MPH or Kinokuniya or wherever), what is Manga speciality exactly? I have heard of a few but where I stand, I can't think of any, or at least one.

Once in a while, people may might think that I'm a bit conservative ...or maybe just simply plain ego-centric.

Jumaat, Februari 10, 2006


For the past few months now I've felt ugly. Ugly and guilty. I mean that in a physical and emotional sense. Maybe it's the extra weight I've PURPOSELY put on since I began working. Maybe it's the slumpy face I found in front of my mirror every morning and night. Maybe it's the lack of social outings I get with my friends(barely none since last year). Maybe it's the way my hair is. Maybe it's my busted heart and maybe it's my wreched guts: Who knows? I look at myself today and I 'almost' hated what I saw. How did I get this way? I've always felt comfortable with myself. Now I feel like I need an affirmation... for what?!

So after about nearly 30 minutes of deep thinking and re-thinking, it hit me hard... I'm a FIGHTER, damn it!!! This is not how a fighter should act! I got so angry and furious with myself. Why did I need someone or something to make me feel good? Shame on me. I refuse to be that kinda person. You know the ones which constantly need their ego stroked in order to feel good about themselves. That's not me.

I think I'm going to do something I've never done before. I think I'm gonna get a NEW hobby. Yup! A fresh and intrepid one.

Which doesn’t reflect my actual “demographic” to this day, even though I’m living a fine life.

I'm just being deliberative

Selasa, Februari 07, 2006

" Yes, the title of this book is an oxymoron. "

The Science of Superman : The Official Guide to the Science of the Last Son of Krypton

YOU WILL BELIEVE A MAN CAN FLY! He is generally well-known as the Man of Steel --- the 'Last Son of Krypton'. For more than half a century, Superman has been a comic book icon and the world's first and most recognizable super hero. From his beginnings as the featured character in his own ten-cent comic book (which is now offered at USD$1 mill~!), through multiple incarnations on radio, newspaper syndication, television, and the movies: Superman has emerged as the flagship hero of a comic book empire. In fact, the Man of Steel has become so ubiquitous, it's as if he were real.

But what if he were real?

What if the Kryptonian named Kal-El, a humanoid being whose world orbited a far-off red dwarf star, was actually raised here on Earth? Would, in fact such a being be capable of achieving the amazing feats of power commonly associated with Superman? And if so, how could his powers be scientifically explained?

In The Science of Superman, gifted science writer Mark Wolverton takes up the challenge and answers these very questions. Examining Superman's powers through the lens of modern science, he explains the fundamental biological and genetic differences between Earthlings and Kryptonians that allow Superman to exercise extraordinary abilities on our planet. For the first time anywhere, you'll understand the logic and science that underlie Superman's 'super powers'. The book bears the imprimatur of DC comics, so we can assume that the work will be the official explanation of why and how Superman works. It's not every day that a legend get rewritten, and the book will doubtlessly help serve as the foundation for a whole new set of adventures for the Man of Steel.

The scientific aspect of the book, featuring all the origin, theories, laws and fundamentals was well explained in case you have never heard of any of it before, and it is all applied to Superman and how he would function in real life. Acceptional great read for any 'superhero-wannabes' macam aku - :) I guarantee you'll never look at the Man of Steel the same way again.

p/s: When i finished reading this book, I must say I am impressed with the way the author tries to ground Superman into the real world. True... some of the theories takes you to the outer realm of believability but it would'nt be as much fun if it did'nt,kan?! Heheh.

Overall, if you're a comic fan you'll probably enjoy reading the book because it did turn out to be an interesting book as I thought it would.

Isnin, Februari 06, 2006

Ahad, Februari 05, 2006


Hari ini ia telah berkata tidak dalam kesetujuan(sebenarnya),
hari ini ia telah terasa 'dalam' perasaan dan fikirnya untuk aku
dan pasti tak lama lagi ia akan mencariku
dalam kemesraan yang berlanjut dan takkan berakhir entah bila lagi
hanya tinggal menunggu sampai waktu itu.

Hanya jiwa yang tahu sampai bila jawapannya
tapi, aku yakin...
Ia akan mencari aku dalam rindu yang selalu terpaut.


...satu pelaburan perasaan!

Benar. Sebagai seorang yang selalu sahaja bertanyakan dan mencari arah tentang soal kehidupan, perasaan ini seringkali memandang cinta atau ungkapan apa saja yang sinonim dengannya dengan fahaman yang tentu saja... luarbiasa. Cinta dan semua melankolia yang terkait langsung maksud syaratnya dan membuatnya sedikit "terusik".

Emosi. Sensitif. Sentimental. Sangat dalam dan meresap.

"~Jadilah laki-laki!", katanya setiap kali aku mendengar ucapan keluhan diri, bahkan rengekan batin ini terutamanya bila laki-laki seperti aku sedang sarat merasa semangat kejiwaan akibat perasaan "perasan" yang dialami, baik senang mahupun luka.

Dulu pernah aku berada pada perasaan ini, ketika cinta dan emosi-emosi semacamnya begitu mencengkam dan mempengaruhi hidup sedemikian rupa sehingga membuat hari-hari berlalu pantas. Mungkin kerana aku saat itu memandang cinta sebagai sebuah pertarungan(sebagaimana kebanyakan orang memandang segala sesuatu) yang harus dimenangkan, sementara kenyataan hidup sering tidak sehaluan dengan ikhtibar tersebut. Luka sepertinya menjadi jalan utama yang sering mencabar akal sihat dan hati cekal.

Dalam sepanjang waktu juga, entah apa dan dari mana yang menyebabkannya. Aku mulai mengalami beberapa "pencerahan" tentang cinta. Lalu secara tidak sedar, aku mulai menerima begitu banyak aliran kasih sayang dari para sahabat, keluarga, sahabat yang serasa keluarga, rakan kerja, bahkan dari sang nasib sendiri. Aliran itu begitu kuat... hampir-hampir tidak mampu aku terima sehingga patah hati, luka jiwa, sakit khianat - sebutlah apa sahaja kepedihan dan kekecewaan yang mungkin menimpa perasaan seseorang itu. Ia adalah kemampuan rasa yang teramat jengkel.

Segalanya sekarang menjadi terasa begitu wajar.

Mungkin ketika kata hati dan jiwa ini membuat rasa sedikit terusik, barangkali memang ada yang kita sedang nanti dan bakal temui. Meskipun yang kita tolak dalam diri kita itu sesuatu yang kita anggap takdir. Sesuatu yang sudah tertulis...

Sabtu, Februari 04, 2006


No matter how good life seems, there is always one thing you can never have.

Between love and trust...

Between all or nothing...

Between guilt or innocence...

There is a point of NO return.

( and I'm NOT returning to that point anymore )

Jumaat, Februari 03, 2006

" Stalking time again and again... "

There’s no way you'll be able to hide your reaction once you’ve read all my past. You had no idea about the comics stuff or anything else I do. You only knew me from the past.

I think that’s actually kind of calamitous and unfortunate.

Well, here's another sort of revelation. Starting today, I am going to begin scheduling "retroactive appointments". This means that at certain times, I will begin observing my environment in a fairly specific way for any possible sign of any sort of empirical effect generated at a point in time other than the one I am presently in. This could be in the form of actual time travellers version of myself, perhaps messages being projected across the forehead of the person I’m looking at, voices on the wind, basically just "whatever". I figure that either time travel of some sort is possible or it isn’t, and if it is, those working in the field need a source of experimental data. I might be able to supply them with a point in time towards which to aim some of their experimentation.

Most obnoxious memories decay naturally, but people under extreme stress(like few of my friends), pump an abnormal amount of stress hormones during the event --- so the memories are stored differently. If you have post-traumatic stress disorder, your memory is so fresh it’s as if the event is happening here and now. For a person to have that vivid flashback certain hormones are released by the brain. If you can block these, the memory is weakened or even removed completely.

Too technical and complicated, huh?!

Lupakan ajer la... mimpi terus.

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