I'm writing this in a cybercafe at my sweet ghetto of SS15 SUBANG after spending most of the last few 24 hours abusing my body and stretching my brains at work.

Up at the crack of dawn this morning to take a walk to the ATM (hari ni dapat gaji daa... Eiyahooo~!). It was rapidly getting 'panas terik' when I got up this morning and it warmed up more after a few minutes out of the ol'house but not so I'd notice, even though the day is still at 7.00am --- The sore throat thing I had a few days back (maybe because of the fever) headed for the chest and then decided to settle down there and in the head. I am now going to crawl into the 'open' and hope to shake it...

Currently feeling a bit under the weather, although it's probably just being a bit tired out from all the workloads combined with a sore throat.

; (


I wrote something last night, stopped writing when the phone started flowing with 'how-do-you-SMSs', and haven't had a second to write anything else all night, although I'm on the verge of something REALLY good. Too many urgent emails not replied to, too many phone calls not returned and things not read or written. Sometimes, I felt very stingyly bad for not updating my personal and social life.

Lousy 'emo' day, I guess.

Sometimes lousy 'emo' days are lousy 'emo' days because you're still figuring something out, and you're not quite ready to let yourself know what it is. And sometimes they’re just days when your head doesn’t want to do the thing where anything worthwhile ever seems to make it out of your brain or heart as well.

So this is the secret: I dislike being emotional.