INTERLUDE : An Obligatory Over Obsession


Sometimes I feel I've been repeating myself. And, when I think about it, I also think that maybe that's a problem in the world I’m living in as well.

I work everyday from morning to late afternoon on weekdays(and weekends too) like everyone else. In a matter of fact, aku rasa macam aku bekerja hari-hari dari minggu ke minggu, dan dari bulan ke bulan(yang mana bagi aku, secara personalnya tak mendatangkan hal langsung, selagi takde masalah atau komplikasi yang rumit timbul)

Not that my life was dull or uninteresting, on the contrary, but it was relevant knowing that, no matter how organised and pre-planned my life is, when you are too busy running stuff... mesti ada benda yang kita terabai, terlupa atau terbabas.


Contohnya laman blog ini yang tergantung continuity entrynya.

Or maybe I forgot about the part where I should apologize and say: “Sorry semua, aku sibuk sampai aku terlupa(there goes that word again) yang aku ada benda nak aku sampaikan sebelum hujung tahun 2005 ni. Or maybe I started out wanting to make this right once more. I'll give it a shot again. Please don’t mind the sudden pause yang tiba-tiba dan agak mengejut ni.

Now, that conclusion lead me to this. It seemed I could re-tell the countdown with great sense of comfortability and pressure-free.

spent the last few weeks working like a torrid maniac. I came up with round of events with my officemates and with a few more friends(e.g: Belia Benci Dadah event@Banting, Sure Heboh@Shah Alam, wedding shootings@Templer Park, Bintang Kecil Event@SeriKembangan,etc.)
Three excruciating weeks later, here I am ready to write again. We all agreed to give it our best and to do something we haven't done before. It remains to be like this until we succeeded to make the company totally and utterly satisfied.