Make sure everybody knows what their parts are and get ready to work.

Deadlines are for deadbeat super heroes. Those magazines survive mainly on the addiction of fans who need their fix every month. If you need to have your thing out every month, you need deadlines, and if you have to write five to ten articles a month, your main concern in that the pages get done but if you can take advantage of the more flexible schedule and make sure your work is the best you can do.

You have to tell yourself that the work needs to be done, and that no one else will do it for you (or even pressure you about when it will be ready).

This past months was almost crazy and a lot of work landed on me. Unscheduled work (we only worry about doing the best comics we can, even if we still aren't getting paid for that extra effort). My point is, I didn't do as many pages as I wanted. And I know the next few weeks will be even crazier, so I don't know how much work on our story we'll do then as well.

So what do I do?

I keep writing down that I'm doing this magazine for the future as I say in any mamak stall or lepak sessions that I will have new things popping up in 2006 and I let everybody know what I'm doing, so I have no excuse but to do the damn thing. Because that's what making comics is about: realizing you're the only one who can stop yourself from telling your story.