Just got a little something to say...

Don't expect the ride to be perfect. You'll find a lot of bumps on the road, and you will fail more than once. Sometimes, it will be your fault. Sometimes, it won't. We always learn when we make mistakes, and we're probably going to do a lot of them, 'cause there's always so much to learn.

Maybe things would have happened differently.

But I learned a lot from my mistakes.

That's it.

Let's move on to something else

I love telling stories, even more than I like writing them. The art, for me, is just part of something bigger(especially comic book,of course... the most under-rated and under-stated art form of all). It's not just another 'pretty image'. It's a sequence of choices, of moments, that tell a story of memories and reminiscence of time. Memories we are about to acquire and that may not leave our minds after we're done with them.

"That story will have to wait." I concluded.

Then, a few nights back I had another idea. It had a beginning, a middle and an end. It was visual, it had a lot of room for dialogue, and it dealt with a subject I wanted to address on the story: the future.

And the future became the present became now.

It looks promising.

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