Aku nak sambung belajar kat sini...

Study “Sociology Through Superheroes” in Illinois

Academicians will be teaching a course called "Sociology Through Superheroes" at the College of Lake County, Grayslake, Illinois, starting in January 2006. This three credit class will utilize superheroes, especially Superman, to illustrate social themes and issues.

The class will discuss : social class, inequality, gender, symbolism of superheroes, and the social history of superheroes. Readings include Red Son (Mark Milllar and Dave Johnson) and the Paul Dini and Alex Ross DC large format comics, as well as Comic Book Nation by Bradford W. Wright and classic sociological theory.

The class is one in a series of many ("Sociology Through Star Wars" and "Sociology Through Star Trek" are some others). Fellow fans in the area who are interest in registering for the class should contact John via email, by phone on 1-847-543-2537, or visit the college website at clcillinois.edu.

Next year's schedule of classes will be posted on the website soon (within a few weeks) and registration begins then. The class will be offered on Tuesdays from 12:30pm until 3:15pm, starting January 17, 2006. John taught the class a few years ago, but figured with Superman Returns on the horizon that it would be a perfect time to offer the class again to students.. The class includes a presentation where students get to create and present their own superhero using social themes as a basis for the character.

- (sumber internet yang soheh dari lama web yang soheh)

p/s: Alangkah bestnyer kalau course semacam ini ada kat tanahair kiter masa aku study dulu... semangat sikit aku nak pegi kelas belajar!


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EzliKenobi berkata…
Kalau ada, aku orang kedua selepas ko sign up dude!!! syiok giler nih. on Trek & SW pun ada gak!
thesandman berkata…
Rite oonnn.. !!! Sapa lagi nak join ni, angkat tangan dan kaki. Meh kita buat petisyen ramai-ramai so that course ni dibukak kat tanahair kita yang tercinta nih.