I'm falling off the world for a few days to get something written. Not sure if I'll be able to post from where I'll be hiding out (or even if I'll be able to get anything there.) This is being posted from Gayour's computer(he’s off to Sabah for six days on a Cartoonist Road Tour), at his wonderful ‘decorated’ mini studio table.

“Aku takde kau jaga meja aku bebaik!”.


"Absolutely treacherous if you give such obligation," I said to myself, with relish.

* * *

I'm in Lazyland right about now.

It occurred to me today that the biggest problem with the way my future is visually presented is it's either in hi-pace or low-pace; whereas most things are a sort of hodgepodge. This is the kind of revelation that occurs to one when staring at a mirror that only works properly when the logic and voice of reason are attached by a rubber band made of dreams to a piece of plastic superficiality, which pulls the connector into the right position....

AH! I’m not making sense again.