That’s it (I guess).

Enough is enough… moving on to some real stuff.

It's always a relief to get an imperative ‘reality check’ after a long almost-eternal emotional foray. In the interest of full disclosure, I will state what most of you already know : I wrote things which are of sentiment, poignant, expressive and evocative in terms of content... all bundle-up vibrantly in this blog. So obviously it's to my benefit for all you people out there to know me competently. Anyone who feels that this linkage is somehow annoying and infuriating, may disregard it entirely as he or she sees fit.

Okay, here's the thing (an update of secret stuff I did) : I'm working on a book for Karangkraf on collecting, writing and understanding comics, and so I need some specific ideas and story for my project. However I can't simply download them from the internet or plagiarize it from magazines/books because there’s some copyright issue I have to deal with later. So what I need is some very clear, cerebral, lucid, intellectual, enlightening input that were excerpts taken from my essential experience with anything and everything that got to do with comics. Won't mind if I save them in that book --- with the total satisfaction being you people getting a minor credit and a free copy of the book.

Sure, there’s obviously going to be a percentage of this that ends up in the bin, but there’s going to be a lot that makes it into the mind of new readers and old, lapsed readers too. But have a think about this and see what you and I can spare. We’ve all got good stuff we never look at just taking up space and you get bugger all these days when you try trading the stuff in at a comic store, forum or anywhere else.

Do your bit for the cause and we’ll se what the future holds for us.


p/s: aku rase jerebu yang melanda negara sekarang telah membikin sambungan internet di ofis aku semakin hari semakin lembab... GAAAHHHH!!!


Adijin berkata…
Menarik idea untuk buku tu. Good luck ;)
thesandman berkata…
terima kasih... tapi itu semua masih dalam peringkat angan-angan lagi.

wishing it to come true dengan doa-doa kalian.
NiK! berkata…
Chapter 1 should be a basic history of american comic books...from the days of pulp comics (detectives and gangs) to superheroes after WW2 (think timely comics) to the dawn of the 50's comics revival brought on by Marvel and DC

Next focus on the 60s and how Stan Lee, Jack Kirby changed th eway ppl thought about superheroes (that they're HUMAN behind th emask-- flawed heroes unlike DC's godlike beings).

Talk about the progression of art in the 70s by Neal Adams, Alex Toth, John Bryne, Dave Cockrum, etc...

Next the 80s with Watchmen and DKR making comics into grim, gritty and realistic. AAlan Moore & Frank Millers contribution to the genre.

The artist revolution in the 90s with the golden years of Image..then leading to the downfall of the artist thanks to liefeld and the many, many Image clones.

then end with the writers revival in the millenium again headed by brit writers like Ennis, Ellis, Moore, Millar, Gaiman..etc.

Plus now the indiezation of Marvel now by Bendis and gang. The new wave of talent from Image headed by Kirkman. DC revival headed by Geoff Johns and brad Meltzer.

U don't need to copy paste wizard man cos their writing is shallow...
create ur own revolution in msian comic history by changing the way we think about comics.

And I expedct that FREE book in my mailbox when it gets printed !