'buat-buat macam tak tahu'

Today started at 1.00 pm. My interesting fact for today was learning working after office hours is far more congenial and comfortable. What can I say... this is a perfectly fine place to be if you are me.

I started out this morning waking up at 6.00am but clearly my body was extremely exhausted by the time I lift both my eyelids. I was mentally fatigued and physically pooped. At some point earlier today, maybe I should consider dozing off a few more minutes before going to work. Someone had to have taken it.

Open my eyes again... 10.15am

Dammit. I overslept.

Probably very deftly, tried to find an excuse for work later on. I wasn't sure what I was going to say when people asked me 'where have you been this morning?'. And then: a revelation. Road Tax need to be renewed, driving license four months overdue and that was it. Life became perplexingly uncertain when I learned that I have an impending 'saman'. I am indeed aware by this tapi 'buat-buat macam tak tahu'. So, my disregard and ignorance was retaliated - PADAN MUKA AKU.

And now here I am again at the studio, exceeding beyond my working hours with several horde of unread e-mails(thank you for 2 weeks of lousy webserving), and many letters and packages and things to catch up on, and interesting links that people have sent to post. And journeys to make, and things to write and to finish.

Huge fallen ideas and inspirations everywhere, from the day I began here until as just as I left yesterday night at 1.00am ... which need to be more than just hardwork and being imposingly impressive towards my superior.