It always takes a while.

Whenever I get time off from the eight-thirty-to-six (which is never nine-to-five, but more like whenever-all-depending), it takes a few days to settle down enough to switch gears and start writing for blogs or myself. Unless I have an urgent deadline, and at this point there really are a couple, aside from my ever-ambitious self-imposed ones. So it always takes a while, but I'm finally at that stage, at the creative boiling point, and now it's pen to paper again - or, rather, fingers to keyboard - and away we go...

...which means I shouldn't be hanging around here, blogging, but this is a warm-up (I tell myself) after a few days of mostly manual labour, internet-surfing, and general sloth.

What am I writing? Well, now. ‘In the dark places’ out there, being read (intently, and with much enthusiasm one hopes) by a few of new reader, so I will hold off on revising reality that until I either hear something or (the more likely option) I don't. Nobody call me back. That's the way ‘that’ machine works.

go figure.