Selasa, Julai 19, 2005


As an avid comic reader and writer,I browse thru many numerous websites and blogs related to the subject every night and day. To my surprise,one of the site owned by Warren Ellis(writer of tantalizing tales such as Wolverine,Ultimate Fantastic Four,Ultimate Nightmare,Ultimate Secret,The Authority,Hellblazer,etc) had this entry on his blog :

Teapot Cult Firebombed

A mob has fire-bombed the headquarters of a bizarre Malaysian cult built around a giant teapot.

The attack comes two weeks after the sect was raided by religious officials.

About 30 assailants armed with Molotov cocktails attacked the commune in the early morning.

The blaze engulfed a car, burnt one building and scorched the giant teapot itself.

The sect in Malaysia's northeast believes the teapot has healing properties.

Its leader, Ayah Pin, reportedly believes he is the "boss of all religions" and the owner of everything in his "Sky Kingdom".

State religious authorities have outlawed the teapot sect as a deviant cult.

"There has been a small fire," firefighter Ahmad Fakarudin said.

"The roof of the teapot structure is also slightly charred but since it is made of concrete, the damage is not extensive."

Police said there no reports of injuries.

* * *

Those damn twisted English comic writer. Always have the eye for everything...

p/s: Warren Ellis writes comic books and graphic novels, videogames, animation, books, screenplays, tv and anything else he can steal money for. He lives in south-east England and is kept standing solely by Red Bull, cigarettes and a cane.


vovin berkata...

Yes, Warren Ellis indeed one of the geniuses in comics. His view on writer and writing is superb.

BTW ayah pin's story also included in a few foreign website such as Boing Boing.

Now he is International celebs already, ngahaha!

thesandman berkata...

indeed he is... indeed he is.

gila tul!

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