The thing about working in -- and to all intents and purposes, because for much of the day it's the only warm place in the office, living in -- an ancient writing method, is that your mind runs along strange and unusual lines. It's a bit like being haunted (or possibly possessed) by generations of crackpot artists and writers .

In real life I don't do the 9 to 5,6 days a week routine. It wouldn't occur to me to do it more than 24/7 all around. Or possibly doubling that, if I needed any extra income.

In real life I don't ever think "Hmm, those cash in my pocket smell slightly sweetish, as if they're just past their prime. I think I ought to spend them up and waste them slowly in a very uncommon manner." Honestly, I could go for years without having that sort of thought cross my mind. But when you're living in my world, it seems sort of natural.

Right. Hitting the computer keyboard again.