Khamis, Mei 26, 2005

Let's see... did the normal 'work' routine today. All terrific but my pacing. It is strange being someone who cant seem to be stressed out about work eventhough I've been bursting a few datelines.Wednesday is just like any other Wednesday. Nothing extra, I guess. Need to work on 'the fun side' of life this weekend.

On temporary Mee Maggi regime for this last few weeks before June(duit gaji abis entah ke mana). It almost rained today. Tonight I think I do laundry.

That's about it for excitement today, other than noticing in the mirror that I actually now have a chubby face no thanks for the short hairdo. I have a theory that no-one can recognise me with a short hair, which, despite no-one ever not recognising me without short hair... I persist in believing, because I surprise myself each time I look in the mirror.

Pondering the huge quantities of comics,papers, scripts (and computer files). I started wondering whether I should find an academy or somewhere that would like them, sort them, and keep them safe. These days they're everywhere, at the mercy of nibblesome termites and territorial pests, which I suspect is not the best place for them to be. How does one go about choosing a solitary (or do they choose you? I have no idea how this works).

Right. Off to neverland while staring out at space and time...


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