... and the saga is complete

Being a journalist/writer for a living has its own benefit. To be a member of the press, I've got the privilege to watch the advance screening today and it was an astonishingly + overwhelmed feeling ! And here's my comprehensive view of the epical movie.

This is the most savage and despairing of the "Star Wars" movies. The surviving Jedi knights are forced into exile, and the Empire consolidates its evil power. This glimpse of intergalactic hell inspires moments of epic grandeur that haven't been felt since the original trilogy. It's hard not to feel that Geogre Lucas's engagement with this story has a contemporary urgency, as line after pointed line invites us to see a parallel with today's wartime climate. As the Senate cedes power to Palpatine under the guise of intergalactic security, Natalie Portman's Princess Padme exclaims bitterly, "So this is how liberty dies—to thunderous applause."

( ...can't reveal further than this as SPOILER is heavily contained )

28 years after Star Wars Episode IV : A New Hope (1977), the curtain finally falls. It started by remixing myriad old Hollywood formulas into a hyperspace hybrid that felt new. Now, at the end, this formula has inevitably become old-fashioned itself. For all the technological changes Jedi Master Lucas has embraced, his wide-eyed, childlike approach to storytelling—cute robots, scary villains, selfless heroics, uncanny wisdom and wild roller-coaster rides through space has remained the same. You can argue whether it's for better or worse. What you can't argue with is that he's stayed true to his vision, and that that vision has changed the cultural landscape irrevocably.

For all on May 19th ... MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU !