Almost pathetic...

My first day in a brand week, and I got up at almost 7:30. I hit the bathroom, then lay on the floor in the living room, checking and rechecking what a dull weekend it’s been. An hour later - at the office; doing my thing.

For reasons that are much too complicated to explain ( …which is to say, I don't know what they are), it's been an age since I posted a thoroughly mysterious and boring post. Ah, well! Consider this a thoroughly mysterious and boring post, at least for now.

Lots of stuff going on in my head, most of it either odd or interesting. In addition, I have a handful of problems in my head that wants to be solved, while I have :

a) a lot of friends which don’t even know how I ‘function’ lately and how I’ve ‘changed’ over the years, and

b) no-one waiting or asking me for the whole story in question. I think I shall ask myself to wait a bit longer until I have time to write it in a novel book form, and hope it's still up there in my brain when I do get the chance to publish it. It is most vexing.

The weird thing about this blog is the way that questions or statements or comments come in about things I keep meaning to talk about. It's been happening for almost frequently, so you people think I'd get used to it, but I never do. For example, yesterday I wound up having a long conversation with myself telepathically and then pondering about making sure that people didn't think that I was a loner and a conservative.

And I keep weighing it in my head, the sorrow at losing intimacy and companionship with the knowledge of how fortunate I was to have known them (re:friends).

( "you're always sorry, you're always grateful," as I said about something quite different ).

I'm more grateful than sorry.


MaxSIZ berkata…
oh..abg buy comics from mind shop? me to but I have to order by post because I live in port dickson..huhuhuh...
Faizal Mukhtar berkata…

ah... lepas ni kau order kat aku aje. Sonang kojo kau jang!