Khamis, April 28, 2005

No real theme for today's post. I thought I'd just put up a few random items from my piles of articles and writings --- things I've done on the spur of the moment --- warm-ups or idea designs that I've used for some of my comic projects. My folks were amazingly encouraging about my desire to pursue an ‘unorthodox’ career. I've read so many stories from comic book creators about their beginnings in the field that revolve around how their parents were fearful of their ability to make a living doing what they loved. The exact opposite was true of my own parents … thanks mama, thanks babah!

Like so many folks of my generation who were/are comic book fans (oh, boy.... I feel old when I start a sentence like that...), I was a big fan of superheroes.

Today, I started the inevitable warm ups for my stint on the new issue of JOM that was ‘unofficially’ launched some time this Pesta Buku Antarabangsa at PWTC. I always like to try to get a dare on how I would handle whatever task or job I'm asked to work on ahead of time. My editor was kind enough to give me some development time before the beginning of our last deadline .... and the ideas STILL ended up looking vastly different at the END of the last issue from what they looked like at the BEGINNING (tak paham?! Don’t worry, aku pun tatau aper yang aku cakapkan kekadang).

That's just the way it is with me. And even though I've already HAD a stable run on a comic magazine, I'm still going to have to work on something else later on. But it's fun to get started and as luck would have it, I've got some down time before the ‘new book’ starts.



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