Khamis, April 14, 2005

It's odd: the hardest things to write tend to be looked down on. It's easier to write something serious and depressing than it is to write something that's genuinely funny. Depressing writers are out there in droves, while really honest to goodness funny writers... if one good one comes along every now and then. It's easier to write mimetic fiction, in which everything's set in this world just the way it is, than to change things with the conviction that'll keep people walking with you and believing. And it's easier to write for adults than it is to write for kids.

But for me the joy of writing is that I can write. The only bounds that are set on what I write are the ones I make. I'm allowed to write funny and I to write sad. I can write genre and I can write confluence (slipstream, interstitial, whatever). I can write for adults and I can write for kids. It's fun.

Finished... way late,(but I'm catching up now) and am learning an awful lot from staying back way past 12 almost everyday. The most important thing I'm learning is that the next time I have something with a killer dateline, I'm going to make a wall chart and maybe plot all my workload and timelines and everything on it, to make sure that I'm not trying to make something disastrous happen in the last minute. All in all, I'm still having an awful lot of fun.

Meanwhile; Here's another tale.

I slept for about ten minutes today during work, then woke up from a strange and haunting dream, in which darkness had come to the world, a strange blackness from 'Outside'. I was riding in some sort of flying mechanism through a desolate landscape. No people anywhere. Buildings stood, and leafless trees, but the colours were wrong and the sky was dark grey. There was a man in that plane with me, someone I couldn’t see, telling me that this would happen when the darkness came, that I was being shown the future and I should be on my guard. Then the ride stopped, and the doors hissed open onto the world, which darkened slowly and terrifyingly to complete blackness...

Obviously too much comics and TV for me.


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