Isnin, April 04, 2005

It's been a hectic weekend --- went down with some adventurous journey to the south(Pasir Gudang to be precise),and at the same time that I've been away (I don't think we planned it like that), and so I have been coping as best I could with last minute decisions.,

Finally, today I realised I hadn't actually written anything properly in days, and I fled to my office... where there isn't anymore time to waste and started writing like crazy : mostly some overdue article and magazine stuff, and some of the overdue copywritings for promotion.Hoping to finish it by tomorrow.

The rain was pleasant yesterday, that it eventually elongnated until early this morning.Which is the other good thing about being a morning person. I can sit there on my chair predicting the rest of my life and saying things like, "She's got to be there 'somewhere'. She can't hear me, she just know I'm actually talking to her. Why doesn't she just say something back to me ... I don't know".

It seemed like a good way of getting me to stop and listen to it who otherwise wouldn't and I love thinking or pondering it out loud. I thought it might be good for a few downpour or rainfall or drizzles, and I could talk about why inspiration after the rain were important.The difference was sharing it with 'someone' or keeping it to yourself.


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