Jumaat, April 01, 2005

It felt 'almost' good.

The best thing about going into hiding to write is that when I need to be utterly anti-social, I can be ( I haven’t seen my lepak friends everywhere for more than 3 months now,and I don’t know what my housemate been up to these days… ). Anyway, I was on a roll these past few weeks. So I just kept working. And somewhere around this week, I realised I'd actually almost finished it.

It's odd: the hardest things to write tend to be looked down on. It's easier to write something serious and depressing than it is to write something that's genuinely funny and joyful. Depressing writers are out there in droves, while really honest to goodness funny writers... if one good one comes along every now and then, so we're doing well. It's easier to write mimetic fiction, in which everything's set in this world just the way it is, than to change things with the conviction that'll keep people walking with you and believing. And it's easier to write for adults than it is to write for kids.So, I decided on both and do comics.

But for me the joy of writing is that I can write. The only bounds that are set on what I write are the ones I make. I'm allowed to write funny and I to write sad/serious. I can write genre and I can write confluence (slipstream, interstitial, whatever). I can write for adults and I can write for kids. It's fun.

For me, at least.


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