Khamis, April 21, 2005

The internet server brokedown the whole day at the office…

And I think that the perversity of inanimate objects is somehow all tied up with the way that computers only fail when they know it will do the most damage.

I finished a SUPERMAN: BIRTHRIGHT hardcover and delighted, ran a few errands, in order to get myself reorganised … again. And in moments I had a book that consisted of 12 comics and a few extra, with stunning artwork and breathtaking story(refer: Mark Waid and Leinil Yu).

I was a long way from achieving, but several months ago, a great opportunity turned up with excellent and interesting prospects, and I spent the rest of my night and day finding the last couple of years that I wasted (everything else had been very good – except a few friends who did not ‘understand’ me that well and accused me of being ‘sombong’).

Talking about guilt, I've put in place a blurb moratorium on my magazine(guess which one?). I'm not giving any more blurbs. Recently, every day would bring another idea or inspiration, each with a nice note from the editor or the superiors or both asking me to write it and endorse it, too many books to read, let alone read and tell the world how good they were, and if I liked them all and said so then it would become meaningless anyway... and something snapped. So I shall treat everyone equally and say no to everyone and feel one huge pulsing miasma of guilt rather than a dozen specific guilts a week. Which is a great improvement

Anyways,a good day to all.


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