Using this occasion for a few reality checks:

1. Thank you all for your support --- the fortress of solitude has really come to be a part of my days here at the studio/office. That said, unfortunately, I cannot give individual critiques of work through e-mail. I get too many of these and there simply isn't enough time in the day to do them all justice. I am late enough on the work I have on my plate and while this blog is a lot of fun to be a part of, I have limited my time on it to about an hour a day. But don't stop writing simply cause I can't take a look. Idea always finds its level and once your comment starts kicking into gear, it's simply a matter of time before you get your reply.

2. Language is a river, it's not fixed. The meanings of words change, and any rear-guard action to try and keep them meaning what you think they ought to mean is doomed. So momentarily does now mean "in a moment" as well as "for a moment" because that's how people use it, just as hopefully no longer means "in a way that's filled with hope" (as in "We walked hopefully towards the future of the comic industry") but it also means, and is mostly used to mean "I hope that", and enormity which once meant "monstrous badness" also means "enormousness" because that's how people use it … ( *^&$!!!Apa aku merepek nih?!!)

On the one hand, grumbling is pointless. Language is a river. Go back a few hundred years and many words would have shades of meaning they no longer have. Go back a little further and you'll find yourself tripped up by the most common and simple words which would mean something quite different (Silly originally meant "innocent" back in the old times, for example.)

On the other hand, I'm still going to grumble, because as a writer, whenever a word with a precise meaning loses it, I lose a tool.

And …

3. I always used to help and give advice to people. And I don't not answer problems. Now, there’s this real-life situations … JOM the comics magazine. There are several large boxes filled with magazine fan-mail I really and truly plan to answer with my editor. Part of the problem is that my time is finite. There's only one of me, and if it gets written, I wrote it.

(It's probably also fair to say that this journal now exists in the time that I used to give to friends. I send a lot fewer replies, but answer a lot more questions.)

Anyway, sooner or later I'll get a quiet day or so, and I'll settle down and write a few hundred e-mails or letters.


alienpelik berkata…
Apa yang kau merepeks kan kat blog aku wei..muahahaha. Buhsan tahap dewa ke bang oiii?!! You get what you see lah, tarak ada apa-apa underneathnya lah wei..hehe!! I can say whatever I want's my space for crying out loud!!