I'm a big fan of M. Night Shyamalan and his movies. While I didn't hate THE VILLAGE like many people did, I would agree it was his weakest effort (but I'll take his weakest movie over most "scary" movies any day). I'm not surprised that following the disappointing reception to THE VILLAGE, Shyamalan is switching things up this time around. After making his last four movies with Disney, Shyamalan has shifted to a new studio setting his next film at Warner Bros.


It follows a building superintendent who one day finds a sea nymph in the apartment complex swimming pool. Whether the film is a suspense film, a horror film, a drama, a romance or any and all of the above remains to be seen. Many expected Shyamalan to next direct an adaptation of the novel LIFE OF PI but that project seems to be put off for the time being. Shyamalan said in a statement,

"LADY IN THE WATER is a personal movie with a big idea, and it seems just perfect for Warner Bros. I'm thrilled they responded to the story, and we all can't wait to get started."

It will get started this August in Philadelphia for a July 2006 release.Oh-oh... isn't the same point where the new Superman film also comes out?!