I sort of love the idea of making delicate pencil notes in the margin of whatever I'm reading (except my comic books of course.. pantang besar!), but almost never ever would. (The almost is because I'll occasionally mark things that aren't true in non-fiction books.) When I collected the quotes in some book I read back when I was young, I would read books and mark passages in pencil. I don't think the books mind.All books put up with all kinds of indignity.

Yes, it's very true. I'm not quite sure what I'll be doing tomorrow or Sunday --- probably be reading something again, and answering questions and searching for stuff. Actually, that's what I'll definitely be doing. I just have no idea what I'll be reading.

And I've certainly wondered about needing to stop keeping this journal for a while when I get deeper into the magazine: not just paddling around in the shallows of the first few issues, like I am now, but when I'm in way over my head, at the point where what's going on in the magazine is much more interesting and weird and real than anything happening in any other part of my life.

1st issue is coming out in a couple of week. Dare you people to be a critique.


Yongster berkata…
saya rindu akan kelibat kamu....saya telah atas tarikh