I have no idea why I thought this would be a good idea … but then again, I feel the need to write.

Lots of fun things waiting here in the mail for me – especially belated birthday wishes and ‘other stuff’. The ‘other stuff’ mostly about my lost-and-lost again handphone situation and my upcoming NEW comics magazine.

The word is already out. And here are the exclusives

JOM --- that’s the profound title for my magazine’s name.

p/s: please give in some feedbacks about the name, i demand something in the name of critiques everywhere.

How do you know when your book is done? Hmm. I forget who it was that said that art is never finished, only abandoned, and that's true up to a point. I'm never satisfied, but normally there's a point that feels like you've reached the end of a story, that the journey begun is now over, and another point, somewhat later, where you feel like something's been fixed and changed and polished as much as it's going to be fixed and changed and polished … not that nothing more can be done with it but that any more changes are going to make little difference to the end result and might just make it worse. So, we’ll just have to wait how this comics magazine will go from here to later.

( Right now I'm at the point where I'm suddenly embarrassed that I sent false and untrue information to people about the magazine, wish that no-one had read it and am really looking forward to trying to get the first issue done --- my deadline is late March, which seems very appropriate for this book. Mostly at this point it's a matter of writing about six or seven more article, and making a few things clearer, polishing a couple of themes until they shine. )


Sufian berkata…
Jom pergi mana ya?
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we already noticed the mistakes..hehe
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