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Smallville : The Story So Far

Here we are at another Smallville season finale. And this was another nail biter, but we are getting used to that from this phenomenal series, but don't get me started on this again. I am here to give you my review of the entire ‘Smallville’ storyline, so I will leave my opinions of the ‘comic book factor’ out of it.

So, the episode :

A girl claiming to be "Kara" from Krypton wants to bring Clark home. The Kents learn about the deal Jonathan made with Jor-El. The Sullivans and Clark testify against Lionel, and Clark finally learns the secret of Lex's secret room. As the episode ends, it appears Chloe's gone boom, Clark's been sucked into the cave wall, Lex appears poisoned, Jonathan looks dead, and the Kent Farm is on fire...

My favourite part of that episode :

Finally, we see Clark, in a misty looking place his hair blowing and he is naked and appears to be shivering. He too is in the feral position and Jor-el says, "Kal-el, my son. You will be reborn." As the camera pans out, Clark is laying in an "S" formation inside the shield. What a use of imagery …

Well, we are left wondering did Lana get on the plane? Is Lex going to survive being poisoned? Did Chloe die in the explosion? Is Jonathan OK? What will happen to Martha? And where exactly is Clark? All these questions I hope will be answered when Season 4 starts (and I know what happened next but I aint telling).I am going give this a 10 out of 10. I thought the imagery in this episode was fantastic and I felt the acting was superb. These characters and the actors and actresses potraying them just keep getting better and better. The plot line had many twists and I thought they left all of them hanging which is just wonderful because that is the basis of a good cliffhanger. ( … FYI : some of the production crew came from this cult hit series called “The X-Files” )

One note, Does anyone noticed that whenever Jor-El wants Clark to come to him he will give him some predictions of things that will happen before he gets him and they always do? We thought this was odd. Just one of Jor-El teaching tools, I suppose. I am into torturous cliffhangers myself but I have to say that this wait is killing me. I am not sure I can make it for the next few months on TV3 but I have no choice here.

So, on with the story so far … my entire Smallville season review.

Before the legend, before the icon, there was a teenager named Clark Kent. Clark doesn't wear glasses, there's no suit and he can't fly (well, not yet). Between the boy he thought he was and the man he is destined to become are the stories of Smallville. Someday, he'll master his powers and understand his true calling. Now beginning its fourth season on Malaysian soil, this new interpretation of the enduring Superman mythology and its classic characters blends realism and adventure into an exciting action series.

Season One

Twelve years ago, a meteor shower burst from the heavens, raining destruction on the unsuspecting citizens of Smallville, Kansas. The intervening years have left the town's inhabitants with scars and secrets.From the ashes of tragedy, Clark Kent has grown into an awkward teen. While adolescence always brings its challenges, Clark's transition from boyhood to adulthood has been particularly difficult. He must struggle to come to grips with his emerging superpowers - and the effects of kryptonite - while battling the strange things that have plagued this idyllic Midwest hamlet since the meteor shower. As Clark grows older, he finds his life becomes even more complicated. He will discover an unsettling new power, and a new form of kryptonite will bring about frightening effects on his personality. In a surprising twist, the secret of Clark's true identity will be revealed to one of his closest friends. The guardians of Clark's secret identity are his adoptive parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent. In the aftermath of the meteor shower, they discovered his crashed spacecraft in a cornfield and took him in as their own. As a result, he often feels truly alone in the world, like an outsider looking in. Even his best friends, Pete Ross and Chloe Sullivan, have been kept in the dark. Lana Lang is the untouchable girl next door; the girl Clark worships from afar. Although she feels a strange kinship to Clark, Lana grew up not knowing that he blames himself for her parents' tragic death in the meteor shower so many years ago. A true beauty and one of the most popular girls in school, Lana's fascination with Clark is slowly turning into suspicion, especially since he continues to avoid her questions about how he was able to save her from the tornado. Clark has forged a remarkable friendship with Lex Luthor, though neither has an inkling of how their destinies will ultimately collide. Inexplicably bald from exposure to the meteor shower when he was a child, Lex returned to Smallville after college to help turn around the family company's struggling fertilizer plant. After Clark saved Lex's life in a death-defying rescue, the two became friends. Clark looks up to Lex as the big brother he never had, and Lex is surprised that this small-town boy is someone he can actually trust. The ill-fated friendship continues to cause tension in the close-knit Kent family, as Jonathan fears Lex may take after his ruthless tycoon father, Lionel Luthor, who is about to take on an important new role in Lex's life.

Season Two

Clark's search for the truth about his past and future left him with more questions than answers. He discovered his powerful ability to use heat vision, then a new form of kryptonite brought about frightening effects on his personality. In a surprising twist, the secret of Clark's true identity was revealed to his best friend Pete. In the middle of the season, Clark's feeling of isolation was eased by the joyful news that Jonathan and Martha were at last expecting a baby of their own. Clark's happiness turned to pain and guilt, however, when his destruction of the spacecraft set off a violent chain reaction that not only destroyed his parents' farm, it also caused Martha to lose the baby. In season's finale, Clark's life was forever changed by his first encounter with the spirit of the man who sent him away from the planet Krypton to save his life, his real father, Jor-El. At first, Clark was determined to defy Jor-El's message that he must leave Smallville in order to fulfill his destiny, but his guilt over the death of his unborn sibling and the devastation he caused finally sent Clark away from the only home he has ever known to start a new life alone in Metropolis. Tortured by the separation from everyone he loves, especially Lana Lang, Clark buries his pain in red kryptonite, the dangerous and powerful substance that alters his personality so that he uses his powers for evil rather than good. Even more shocking, Clark's adoptive father, Jonathan is granted temporary powers of his own when he makes a deal with Jor-El to bring Clark back to Smallville.

Season Three and beyond ...

In this season's finale, Clark was enticed by a Kryptonian girl, Kara, who had been sent to bring him home. After being pulled violently into the cave wall, Clark was trapped in a phantom zone. As Season Four begins, Clark seems to have resurfaced in Smallville, but is it really Clark or his alter ego, the emotionless Kryptonian Kal-El? Breaking the show's long-standing rule, "No Flights, No Tights," Clark/Kal-El will soar up into the sky for the very first time. Continuing the tradition of introducing well-known characters from the Superman mythology, Clark will also encounter one of his future team mate in the infamous Justice League (guess!guess!).

Clark's world is turned upside-down as another landmark moment happens in season 4 : The introduction of a very prominent character in the Superman mythology. Expect the unexpected, when the 'character' quick wit and dazzling beauty catch Clark totally off-guard. While someday 'she' and Clark will be the perfect match - as teenagers, they are oil and water, much in the same way Smallville has successfully surprised everyone by making Lex and Clark - future arch-enemies - the best of friends. Clark and 'her' are forced to work together as they seek out the true fate of 'her' cousin Chloe Sullivan who died tragically in season 3 startling season finale. The guardians of Clark's secret identity have always been his adoptive parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent . In the aftermath of the meteor shower, they discovered his crashed spacecraft in a cornfield and took him in as their own. This season, Jonathan put his life on the line for his deal with Clark's real father, Jor-El, and now has to pay the consequences. Jonathan will also struggle with the idea that Clark is becoming more independent every day and no longer needs him the way he used to. For Martha, the months of uncertainty with Jonathan in the hospital and Clark trapped in the phantom zone, only served to strengthen her character. While Jonathan has the farm and Clark is busy with high school, Martha will look for a passion of her own. The knowledge that his life is out of control forced Clark to keep the girl he loves, Lana Lang at arm's length. Lana finally escaped to Paris, where she met a handsome 'stranger' and soon fell in love.

However, mysterious events draw her back to Smallville, and she arrives in her hometown with a newfound confidence and a sophisticated new look. Unable to be separated from Lana, a 'stranger' follows her from Paris to Smallville. When he takes a job as assistant coach of the football team, the 'stranger' and Lana will have to keep their relationship a secret from everyone - and, in particular, Clark. Over the years, Clark has forged a remarkable relationship with Lex Luthor though neither has an inkling of how their destinies will ultimately collide. Lex came to believe he was poisoned and left for dead by this father, Lionel Luthor. Lex used all his power to put his father behind bars, and now he is determined to make sure that his father suffers and rots in prison while he takes over as head of LuthorCorp. Despite Clark's current distrust in him, Lex is eager to make amends and regain Clark's friendship. Even so, Lex is steadily continuing on the path from good to evil. By now, Lionel has come to share Lex's obsession with Clark Kent and both father and son will carry on their relentless pursuit to discover the truth about Clark. Lionel will do whatever it takes to get out of prison and exact revenge on those who put him there, especially his own son. Lionel's vast power makes it possible for him to operate from the inside until he is released.

And that was ALL just the beginning ...


MyDailyPlanet berkata...

In Smallville season 6 in first time logo Superman (S logo not air logo that usually use to describe Kryptonian) appear when Clark locked up by Zod in Phantom Zone. i think you have seen it.

And the most important is in season 6 Clark begin accept his destiny as Kal-El, The Last Son of Krypton. As we knew that Clark disagree with Jor-El planned for Clark as Kal-El.

Faizal Mukhtar berkata...


oh. tq for the extra info

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