Jumaat, Februari 25, 2005

Just a couple of things I wanted to post before I forget...

1) I've forgotten most of what I wrote this past few days

2) A few people have recently been asking very similar things – “ Are you in love aaa…? ”

3) I'd been a magazine writer for about two or three months, and had three or four articles rejected from my editor and graphic artist before I decided that it was time to get an inspiration real quick

4) I'm glad I don't have anyone who can scream or yell at me for comments made on this blog. (Actually, thinking about it a bit more, I'm glad I don't have anybody who can be furious me.)

5) It's been an age since I posted a thoroughly mysterious post of some emotional quotation. Ah, well… consider this a thoroughly mysterious post, at least for now.

6) Tend to believe in using things which aren’t very familiar. I like to read books and comics rather than put them in plastic bags, and to hang lovely collectable calendars and stuff like my lady office mates. I'm given on walls decorations a long time ago. Rather put them in dark places to increase in value or just to wait for the very far future to come around again.

7) The only problem with doing lots of things is that you have to start from scratch each time. But that's fun as well.

And… yeah.

I lost my phone this morning(on the way to work,my Nokia 3210 of almost 5 years – never had one since 2002 – slipped from my right baju melayu pocket sometime in the train while I was semi-asleep)… get me thru this blog,friendster or my yahoo/hotmail/karangkraf e-mail account.

That’s one way to end a not so very good Friday weekend.


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