Khamis, Februari 17, 2005

( I wrote the first part of this yesterday, but unscheduled events meant there was no posting --- this is one of the odd things about having a job as an unconventional writer. Hoping in the next few months, my luck will change. I hope.)

Yesterday it was hot and dry. Yesterday evening it rained. Went to KLCC and browse thru some of the new comic tradepaperbacks.Thin wet raindrops that settled on the slush and rendered roads traffics almost impassable. This morning received an SMS from my workmate telling me to bucked up or else. I guess sleeping on that extra minutes really result in a very unpleasant day.So, heres what I learn thus far :

a) sleep early, but it doesn’t guarantee you an early rise b) this morning was a minor disaster, not a cause for celebration, as I was late more than once before c)
get myself together and exchange thoughts when it REALLY matters.

I went off to my office workspace to write and missed all the excitement of what seemed to be an expected wonderful Thursday. I hatched plots to free myself, most of which seem to have involved the internet, sharing witty jokes with Gayour, comic books as usual and attempting to walk around Karangkraf with no plausible reason. Luckily, they knew I was upbeat when things weren’t going well for me.

Nothing exciting going on this past few weeks, all of my time and brain is going into typing up from my notes and tidying up my working life. Almost no time for emotion and pleasure. I'm now just past the rather messy middle bit of it, and into the rather smoother turn ( whatever that means ). Life's quiet too --- the most glamorous thing I did recently was attending an eye-to-eye talk over teh tarik last weekend with my creative director about a possible short movie project. The best bit of which was telling him about my previous vision of being a indie-film maker and dreaming of it constantly.

I've tried to cut down on the things I put up soliciting help for things, mostly because each one I put up prompts a flood of other people who are sure that I ought to advice something for them. But this one's for another time I guess.


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